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A Requiem
What a Nobody has to say.Please read according to date or you would not understand the story. NOT ABOUT KINGDOM HEARTS GEZZ. I just used names.
-Abyssal Rose:Reunion-
Khani's eerie silence came from nothing, but the presence of his father. A Quincy whose power was greater than those of his son. Khani's father. A man who strongly resembled his son with the exception of his eyes. Riku couldn't understand why it had became quiet, but maybe it was family related. " Not even a hello for the one who raised you? " Khani's father took one step closer, but halted as someone came running and screaming. "SSSSSSOOOOOOMMMMMNNNNNNNUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! " Khani's father's eyes quickly shifted behind, yet it was to late!. " GLOMP!" Hey! What the Hell?! HAIZEN GET OFF! " Somnus did his best to try to push Haizen of of him, but it was useless. Haizen narrowed his eyes and came close to Somnus's face. With his serious look, Haizen whispered." Fear the Glomp... " Somnus soon threw a punch at Haizen's head and stood up. Riku soon confined for a reason behind the strange reunion. " You guys know each other?!" Hazien let out a smile and nodded. " When we were about your age, I found my first love. A maiden with beautiful white hair and magnificent eyes. Then when her mother called her name. I was shocked to see this beautiful maiden was a guy. I couldn't say whether I was either shocked or heart broken. " Somnus returned another punch at Haizen's face. " Idiot! That's not how it happened! " He casually brushed off the dust narrowed his eyes. " Why are you here Haizen? " Haizen focused his glasses and rubbed his head. " So mean Somnus! I came here because I caught a strong scent of blood....Why are you here? " Somnus remained silent and knelt next to Khani. " I came because my son got into a fight, along with it, dragging an innocent girl into it. " Khani look up into his father's eyes, still, shocked by his alluring presence. The single glowing purple eye that cast out the other normal green eye gave him a chill even though it was snowing. Those very eyes that he'd never understand what or where they came from. He'd remembered asking his father how he'd received such an amazing set of eyes, but Somnus never replied. " I think we better get Xion safe. " Haizen smiled. Riku nodded and Somnus agreed. " But before we go...Somnus. " Yes? " GGGGGLLLLLLLOOOOOOMMMMMPPPP~! " Oh go to Hell Haizen! "

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commentCommented on: Sun Aug 15, 2010 @ 09:44pm
HAHAHA XD That is so funny Please write more Im starting to post some so get ready biggrin GLOMP! biggrin XD

commentCommented on: Mon Aug 16, 2010 @ 09:08pm
rofl That is flippin' hilarious Always count on Haizen to be out of the ordinary. -huggles Haizen-

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