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A Requiem
What a Nobody has to say.Please read according to date or you would not understand the story. NOT ABOUT KINGDOM HEARTS GEZZ. I just used names.
-Abyssal Rose:Special Candy-
Haizen walked down from the stairs with a single bright dark-red drop of blood on his coat. He gave out a sigh as he wiped his glasses. " Zanzura, Tushiko. I need you guys to do me a favor and go buy some antithetic. " Yes sir. " The two bowed in unison and quickly left the room as if their lives depended on it. " Is...She gonna be okay? " Riku asked in a wary tone as he looked over at Khani sharing a gaze with Somnus. " It depends on her will to live, " Haizen replied. " .... " Haizen looked to where Riku had and saw the the two Quincys had been silent the entire time. Haizen rested his head on his fist and let out a smile. " Riku...wanna have fun? " Sure...I guess.... " Haizen headed into the kitchen and quickly pulled from a jar, what looked like tiny green orbs. " ...Soul Candy? " Riku asked, but Haizen nodded in disagreement and smiled. " Special Candy...That I've created... " Within a few seconds, Hazien clashed both the heads of Somnus and Khani together. " What the- " Before they could say further more, Haizen threw the candy into their mouths. Haizen had a grip on their necks so he made sure the swallowed it. Somnus stood up and rose his voice. " Haizen! What do you think you're- " Before her could finish, a flash came from him. As it cleared in his place was a large pitch-black wolf. " Hahahaha! " Haizen couldn't help, but to burst out laughing and Khani faced him with rage. " Change him- " Another flash. When it cleared, a small, snow-white wolf pup stood in his place. The pup stood up, having trouble keeping its balance. The pitch-black wolf growled and stood over the pup as if it were protecting it from Haizen. Riku stood blankly and Haizen was having the time of his life, laughing non-stop. Suddenly, the door opened and Zanzura walked in. " ...More dogs? " Tushiko immediately ran over to the pup and held it in her arms. " Awww...This one's cute! Can I have this one?" Riku stood up and opposed the idea. " No! "

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Aug 19, 2010 @ 08:32am
That's so evil~!!! But so funny rofl Khani's a cute white puppy. Nothing less from Haizen-kun~!!

commentCommented on: Thu Aug 19, 2010 @ 03:48pm
biggrin U have changed Tushiko into a diffrent person but shes finally stopped coughing and I like how you changed her XD

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