• Once there was a little girl, a little thin, and very lazy. She was always found either puncturing her pin cushion with needles that have strings still attached, or on her bed, sleeping. She would sit on a chair or even stand still doing nothing at all. She would only move when she was called to eat her meals. But when she was called to do her errands, some favors, go to school, study, or go to Mass with them, she would just ignore them.
    She just would NEVER do anything and her mother would often scold her. The little girl was very, very lazy.

    One day, while sleeping in her bed as usual, she heard a very tiny voice shouting
    “Help me! I’m stuck on a string!”
    It was a little fairy crying for help. And it was stuck alright; the little fairy’s leg was punctured by a needle for sewing which the little girl “forgot” to put away even after the many times her mother kept reminding her about it. The fairy’s poor leg was bleeding which shone a little bit.

    The fairy was crying, begging and shouting for it was almost the end for the poor thing.
    The little girl however… did not help the little fairy. Instead, she just continued lying down lazily as if nothing happened. Then, the fairy’s life ended in pain.
    When the little girl woke up, she saw the corpse of the fairy on the floor, with the needle still stuck on the leg. She picked up the dead fairy’s body, and looked at her sewing kit.
    She grabbed the pin cushion which carried needles with strings still attached, and then she picked one needle and punctured the right foot of the fairy and left it there. Then she got another needle, and punctured the left. Then got another and punctured the arms, the other leg, the hands and finally, the head of the fairy.

    After this abuse was done, the dead fairy’s mouth moved, and said, “What kind of torture is this? Puncturing my dead limbs and my poor little head! You have done a malicious thing to me and now I will do the same to you…”
    Suddenly… everything went black.
    There was a piercing scream of anguish.

    When the light came back… everything the little girl saw was red. She tried to move, but she couldn’t. When she tried to speak, she was mute. She then suddenly felt herself rising from the floor and her limbs and head started to move against her will. When she looked up, she saw strings. And when she saw her body, it was now made of wood. Her dress was of plain cloth and her limbs pierced with needles. She tried crying, but no tear came down from her wooden eye.