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Myuuuu! >:3 (Happy MarVex Day~! <3 )
Miu: .....Can you stop that, myuuu? >:/
Me: >_> -whine- BUTIT'SFUUUUUUNN~ ...MYUU! :'D
Miu: -Attacks!- MYUU~! D:<
>w< Blah, I'm bored, and Tangles isn't on YM yet. :3
Superentendant(sp? ._.) Conference (sp!? XD) Day (SP?! 8ooo j/k XD) was today so we have NO SCHOOL! >:3
I gets to spend My MarVex day at home on my beloved computer reading MarVex Fanfics. >w<! YAYS~
But thats notall I'll be doing. 8o
See, last night at like 12:00am so it was really this morning, I was drawing Miu again >w< But like the third time I was going to draw her I drew a different person. :0 SHE'SLIKESOFROOKINGKYUUTETOO! 0w0 I named her Verroah. >:'D And because It was 12 in the morning and I was so hyped for MarVex day (seriously, this is a big deal for me :c ) And I was also thinking about how I needed to draw a picture for Rexii, Verroah is now the daughter of 'RexVex'. (I dun think I put that pairing on my Rp page Tangles, Did I? XD you're on there more than me... xD) :0 She's the youngest. Miu is second youngest, then Viola and Toren (fraternal(lol sp ) twinz~), then Zexraia, then D'Amera. >:3
I think I'm taking this too seriously..>_>
D:< But honestly, when Moriko x Zexion and Marura wear out (Marura hasn't really wore out though x3 ) I really have nothing to draw or anything so I come up with kids for them. XD
Well anyways..>_> Really thats all I have to say..for now. xD There will probally be another entry later today or not..>_> XDDD Depends. :3

(Axel's pretty fly for a white guy. BD )

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    II Icy Yuna II
    Community Member

    Sat Apr 12, 2008 @ 02:45am

    Weird, how one picture you start off as one thing, then it ends up another, then it makes a whole story! Did that make any sense?

    Community Member

    Sat Apr 12, 2008 @ 10:47pm

    XDD I know! XDDD I started to draw this picture of Moriko yesterday too and it turned out to be Demyx. o_o

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