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¿Tiene usted una sandía en su dedo del pie?
Is what My friend Stephanie yelled at her mom the other day while we were on the phone. XD I had found a spanish translating site and was all like, "I NEEDS SOMETHING TO TRANSLATE. D:" And she's like, ">DDDD Okayy......" XDDDD It was funny. Her mom was all like, "I NEVER TOOK FRENCH. D: " xD


I was playing KH, and I was in a struggle with Setzer, and he yells, "Your Mine! B0" but my mom though he yelled, "Your Mom! B0" And was all like, "D< Did he just yell, "Your Mom?" One more time and your never playing video games again." :c -huggles KH:II- And you don't even get anything good for beating Sifer, eather. >/


So, Tangle knows my horrible, horrible secret. :0 I'm only 25% Marluxia fan. D: (Although, I thought that was obvious >_> wink But I think the Marluxia percentage is going up. o_o Poor Xemmy. :c -patpat- Eh, i think it has to do with the Rps Tangle and I do. 0_0 XD Like right now, Marluxia is going to..eh, 'get it on' possibally with Moriko. XD Only becuase She found Me in Zexion's cloak and took it the wrong way. XDDDD But anyways...>w>


Srsly( 8o), who thinks that When Day Met The Night is such a Marura song? >_> Its funny, i had a dream they were singing that last night. XD Along with:
Xuura- 'Sweet Escape'
Xuura- 'Wind(sp?) it Up'
Marluxia- 'Nine in the Afternoon'
Moriko- 'Cut'
Zexion- Various P!ATD songs XD
Moriko- 'Gomenasai'
XD It went on like that for a while. xD And when ever Xuura wasn't singing, she was listening to Gwen Stefani. xD It ended with Karra-chan, Demyx and I singing the 'Banana King' song from Charlie the Unicorn 2. 0_0 (We were singing it to Saix :'D But we kept calling him Sippycup. :0 ) XD


Yeah, well, this Rp is getting good. 8o Bye.

Karra ♫
50% Xemnas, now 50% Marluxia.

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    Community Member

    Mon May 19, 2008 @ 03:10pm

    When The Day Met The Night scares me. D:
    And W00P! 8o You've become 50% Marluxia :3
    -whispers evily to self- Now I must get her 65% >DD

    Community Member

    Wed May 21, 2008 @ 12:28am

    XD Really? I've got it stuck in my head.
    -only slighty hears what your whispering- Say what? D:

    User Comments: [2]
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