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Oh we're still so young; desparate for attention~!
I, aim to be; your eyes! Trophy boys, trophy wives~!
I'll probally be chaning the format of my entrys from now on...>w>
Well anyways...I'm bored. xD And for some reason, that boredom led me to listening to my Gaia Playlist. (I acually do that alot, now that I've changed it. xD)
So, then comes on Cut. I'm just sitting there, replying to tiger on YM, while thinking, "Gawd, this song is so depressing~! ;-; Why do I even know it?" and I remember it's Moriko's song. ;-;
She's really depressing me.......I mean really, Who cuts their self for fun? ;-; (Answer: Moriko >_> ) Lol, I wonder what Zexion would do if he knew that. >_> Probally break up with her. xD
Karra-chan: .....But they wern't even going out with each other. >.>
>_> Well, they kinda were. not really though. xD They get into a fight like, every Rp. XDDDDD
But before that came Time to Dance. That, for some reason rememinded me of Mikiro. (Moriko's twin sister, created by acident. xD) I don't know why really. Anyways..>.> She's like one of my favorite made-ups. :/ I wish I could rp her more often, she's usually only used in the HH (Haunted House) RPs. D: Or if we ever rp present tense in Radient Gardens. :/
Which brung me to skip to Pretty Fly for a White Guy. >____> XD Which really, it remeinded me of Amber. xD I guess because of the Next Generation Rp. >_> I like Rping her too. xD It's funny how she always seems to be stalking Masaru even though she's not, she's like...Daix. XDDDDDD
Xuura: ...He does that purposly though. >_>
....o_o Okay then..>_>;;
............Xuura remeinded me of something..-gets out art sketch book- I drew a picture for Auura but.. you know, I never acually made a story for her. >_> I should do that some time. xD
Oh well. :0
Ahh~! Nine in the Afternoon came on. .w. -dances around to it- xD And thanks to Tangle, when I hear pumpkin pie I think Marluxia. xD even just the word. >_>;; It's weird, really. xD
...Well, i'd better go...do...stuff...>_> -turns on BYOB and FanFic.Net- >:3 It's already 5:33. xD

Karra~! ♫
(Everybody's going to the party; have a real good time~ ♫)

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    II Icy Yuna II
    Community Member

    Sat Apr 26, 2008 @ 01:56am

    I once ate punkin pie, I threw it up though. It tasted like turkey and dead fish.

    Community Member

    Sun Apr 27, 2008 @ 05:46am

    My grandma was listening to B.Y.O.B and looked at me like I was crazy xD

    Community Member

    Sun Apr 27, 2008 @ 06:42pm

    -stares at Shadow- o_o ......But it's delicuious(sp)~! DDDD: It's like all I eat on thanksgiving, other than turkey xD

    My mom was doinf that too when I finally told her to listen to it. xD

    User Comments: [3]
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