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<_< >_> -runs into my room quickly and shuts door- o___o
Okay, -looks around- I swear, today was like, the worst day of my life. Dx
First, I woke up, and the first thing I did today was wack my forehead on my bed. xD I sleep on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, even though I don't share a room with anybody, but I still have a bunk bed. Weird, I know, but anyways...xD
So after that and go to walk to the bus stop and I trip and fall on my face. ._. After that, I get to school and run into the wall. Then i go to open my locker and pinch my finger on my Lock. Which hurt. Alot. :c
So the morning goes on, slightly okay, untill I get a paper cut in Social and fall on my face again. And Devin laughs at me. -shakes fist at him- Anyways...
So fourth period Technology I'm sitting thee, minding my own business, when Mr. J Is all like, "Maddy! Hand me the utility knife! :0000 " so I'm like,"Kay. :'D" and I pick up the utility knife, not knowing that it was /open/ and accidentally stabbed him in his hand. ._. I swear, I did not plan that. D: So I'm just like, "OMG. >_> -goes to get band-aid and the nurse-" Then after that Kelsey squirted water into my eye that already hurt enough, making it hurt even more. xD
So after that, I risk it and go back to the tech room for recess to work on my project. o_e And I'm just, you know, sitting there, working on it, untill Brenna turns around with a board and wacks me in the face with it. x___x So I flinch and like, move my hand, and Kelsey again happens to be right there with a hot glue gun. My hand flew back and hit the nozzle, and I pull it away and turn around and brenna hit me with the board again. -_- Mr. J worried for my health and safety and told me to go sit in the middle of the floor where I wouldn't hurt myself. :0
My finger started to stiffen during math, so I had to go to the nurses for like half the period. xD After math, I went to science, where we had to watch a movie. I'm just sitting there, minding my own business, when I hear a 'click!' and giggiling. xD I turn around and Katie had MasterLocked me to the desk. xD
Then in english Devin trips me and Chris puts tape on the back of my shirt. (For those of you who don't know, I hate Tape. ;.; )
So the rest of the day I'm basically tripping and fallling, like Art I ran into the Door, the handle smashing me in the gut. ._. And then i tripped over a chair. D:
So now, I'm staying in my room for the rest of the night. >_< I value my life too much. D: -wishes for the next Fri. the 13th-
-emosigh- ;-; Well, bye. My keyboard is being stupid and stuff, don't really feel like typing anymore. :0 I'll be on Fanfiction, reading an emotionally gripping XemSai story. XD
Karra ♫
(Who feels she's in danger D: )

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    Wed Apr 23, 2008 @ 12:43am


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