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Eh..? -cough- =_=
Thats exactly what I said when I woke up two days ago after a really weird dream.
And the next day after that. When I woke up today I asked my mom for some medicine. :C I'm like, seriously sick. x_x Back to the dreams.....One was one of the dreams that I've had before, my mind does that alot, like, reuses dreams because it's lazy or something. xD But really, this one was weird, mostly because of who was in it. xD
It was Fisher. >_< I have NO idea what he was doing there, and it was really weird. o_o And I still have no clue as to why the hell his name is Fisher. DDDDX
Fisher is Xuura's son from one of my really weird dreams I had allooonng time ago when I first made Xuura and had intended her to be in a pairing with Saix. >_> He looks like Daix, xD but with silvery hair (cat ears too! o_o). o_o xD But i like the character design for him so I used it for Daix, who at that time I was still deciding on weather he would be a boy or girl(leaning more twards the guy, though),personality, etc. xD I had already chosen his age (he was supposed to be 13) but Tangle was all like, ">/ If he wants a chance with Misu he'd /better/ be atleast 19. xDD", so I upped it to 19. :0
Well anyways, xD For some reason he was there and the other guy...well.... >_>
Lets just say Xuura had another son (:0 Step-siblings! XD). xD This tiem with Marluxia, but it was still a long time ago, back when Marura was still kinda new. XD He never acually got a name though. 0_o thats the weird part. xD But he looked like Marlu with his hair pulled back and orange eyes. But he was there too.
The dream was weird itself, it was realy like, mostly based on a Role Play with Tangle and Tiger. xD Everybody (Xemnas, Mikiro and Tuuran included) with in the living room part of the Haunted House, only they were all like, doing their own thing. Fisher and No-Name were playing Marbles (People were like, wtf? when they saw them XD) , Moriko, Zexion and I were sitting in the emo corner (explanation to come xD) Mikiro was giving baking tips to Marluxia and Xemnas, Saix and Xuura were watching soap operas. Roxas was trying to detatch himself from Axel, Namine and Tuuran were laughing at them and Namine was also eating Pasta, and Sora was well...Sora was dancing and singing to "Girls" (Thank you, Tangle. xD Did you take that off your playlist, btw? :0 ) with a mop with my picture on it. D:< Thats what drove me into the emo corner, xDDDDD (It was SOOO funny in the Rp! XDDD)But anyways, I was sitting there in the Corner with Moriko and Zexion, Moriko on my right wipeing off her switch (She cuts for fun >____>;; ) and Zexion reading a book. WHEN SUDDENLY! :0
Zexion looks at me and starts going off on the Zexion's Advice song ( The Vid's on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr595FEKNks Again, thank Tangle, XDDDDDDD) , and i look at Moriko and she's singing it too, and when it gets to that one part ( 1:11 in the vid ) Everybody stops and stares at her and She's all like, "YES. I'MAMAN. :0" And Zexion's like, "ANDI'MAWOMAN. :0" and suddenly (TANGLE XD ) "Now You're A Man" starts playing on Sora's Radio and Moriko and Zexion jump though a window. I'm just like, " D:< WHATNEXT!?" and Then Vexen jumps through another window in his under were and is all like, "KARRA! >8D IHAVERETURNED!" By this point I am completely scared out of my mind and run and hide in a closet, where I find Kylie sitting there trying to figure out how to kill Moriko/ask her/him out, and I run screaming in the other direction, out the door and am never seen or heard from again. o_________o Everybody is still staring untill Xuura suddenly screams "MYLORD! ITHINKMARIA'SPREGNANT!" and points at the TV and everybody gathers around the TV to see. XDD Xemnas had stood up durning the song to hear better and when he went to stil down, Marluxia was sitting in his spot, and Xemnas goes off on "Knife Fight", Xemnas the cool-ish sounding one and Marlu the dweeby one, like in the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnsaFlV1oLk Yeah, you can thank Tangle again. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD So Mikiro hands them knives and every one gathers 'round to watch Xemnas and Marluxia battle with knives. XD Untill the tickle fight part, then EVERYONE breaks out into a tickle fight. :0 XD It was kinda funny, now that I think about it. xD And it ended right as Marluxia goes," Now wheres my knife? >/ "
XDDDD Blah, it was weird. XD The other one was just plain stupid. :0 Heatha might remember it thoguh, I need to ask her. XD But anyways, I drempt it a long time ago, back in 6th grade, and I'm in 7th now. xD It was back when I was a really big Narutard. :0 (If you /don't/ know what that is, >_> You honestly have issues. :0 OR, you can watch this vid. Study up! >/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv9YkHcZpNg&feature=related 3:56 :3)
Yes, I was a Narutard at one point. >___________> So Was Chris, and Ryan! >O Heather might still be, IDK :0 I know she still likes it...but anyways! XDDD
It wass real short, mostly because I kept waking up during the night due to sickness =_=
But like, it was just like, Ryan, Chris, Heather, John (IDK. DDDX), and I sitting at this tree thingy, but we were all like our favoirte characters or least favorite characters. I was Shikamaru (<333), Heather was Sasuke (*Karra-chan: -shifty eyes- That wasn't on pourpose, I SWEAR. >_> I just HAPPEND to grab his hand. D: ), Chris was Ino, Ryan was Sakura, and John was Rock Lee. >_> It was kinda weird, we're all just standing there and suddenly Chris is all like, "OMG, NOWAY. O__________________O IT'SSASUKE!! :00000000" and Heather's like, "DDDDDDDD: WHERE!?" And I'm just like, "LOL. :'D " And Chris and Ryan start fangirl squealing and Ryan points to Heather and is like, "CANWEHAVEYOURAUTOGRAPH, SASUKE~!?" and Heather's just like, "MAHBUNZAREBURNING. D: -ninja teleports away-" xD It was kinda stupidly random.

*Karra-chan claiming it wasn't her fault-
In a RP with Chubba, Karra-chan grabbed Sasuke's hand because he was taking too long. When they caught up with the rest of the group, Naruto was all like, "Ohhh~ I think there's loooove in the aiiiir~ ♫" and Sora's like, " >DD I hope you two arn;t going to be like Moriko and Zexion, thats no fun" and suff like that, and Karra-chan's like, "Phssh -lets go of Sasuek's hand- Like he could even get anything better than /Sakura/ -walks over to Naruto and links Arms with him- Adoiu(sp?), Sasuke." xDDD
So I just took my teperature. D: 99.5. I've got a FEVER. D< On the hottest day since last summer. :c I feel weird, like hot and cold and stuff. =_=
Oh well. Tangles is on. C: xD And my mom went to get Subway for dinner. :3 So that cheers me up. -coughs- blah. D:
Karra ♫
(Who feels like crap she needs some Rping D: )

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    II Icy Yuna II
    Community Member

    Fri Apr 18, 2008 @ 01:55am

    YOu have extremly odd dreams Karra, though I guess when your sick they get worst.

    Community Member

    Fri Apr 18, 2008 @ 06:28pm

    xD Yeah, when I get /really/ sick I hillousionate(sp?). :c But they're always entertaining. xDDD

    Community Member

    Fri May 23, 2008 @ 03:16pm

    -shakes Karra- I must have your dreams twisted ...o__o

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