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o_o I've been listening to that ALL day today. xD Ask tangle. :3 It's BYOB, the last one on my playlist. >_> You can also thank Tangle because it was on her playlist first, and then I became obsessed with it. o___o It's just so...........Uh, acually, I'm not sure. XD It's just, cool I guess. C: And It makes me laugh because it reminds me of the time The chefs in this RP Tangle and I were RPing suddenly went crazy and started singing this. xD And Raia(Zexion and Moriko's daughter o: ) was all like, "AWHELLZYEAH! XD -head bangs with them- " XDDDDDD Daix was all like, ">/ One more outburst and I QUIT. D8<" XDDDD
o_o -knife fight comes on- :'D! This one too, Thank Tangle. xDD It's funny, when I hear it It like, reminds me of Kylie and Moriko, Moriko the dweeby one and Kylie the cool one. :0 Cuz it just...fits. xD
I was loling at videos Tangle sent me, although Zexion's advide further drove me into the Emo corner. ;-; IDON'THAVEONEOFTHOSE. >___________> And Sora, GETALIFE! D: Or a new picture of someone to put on your mop. >_>
Sora: -shifty eyes- What mop!? O____O
>_> Riight~ D: XDD
Oh well. :/ I'm bored of this. D: So...
Bye and stuff. XDDD
Karra ♫
(Who is currently hiding form Vexen. D: )

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    Community Member

    Mon Apr 14, 2008 @ 03:11pm

    Thank you for putting credit for where the songs came from :3
    I'll be sure to do the same for Pumpkin Pie. xDD

    Community Member

    Thu Apr 17, 2008 @ 09:09pm

    Jur Welcome. x33
    And M'kay. xDD

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