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Ohhhhh-kay then. o_o
I was typing a jurnal enrty before this and my computer randomly shut off. >_> Creepy. o_o

"Zexion, They're spoonless." - Moriko in a roleplay with Chubbas

Yeah, so-- Wait, XD That reminded me of something. (The spoon thing >_> XD)...Ahh, that was funny. Moriko is really weird sometimes. >_> Like, in that RP with Chubbas, she was all like, '"Oh my god!" Moriko gasped dramatically and stared at Zexion. "Wha-what if they like, killed themselves!?" She paused. "WITH SPOONS!?" She screamed, clinging to Zexion's arm.' and then, 'Zexions chuckled. "Moriko...I don't really think they'ed kill them selves..with spoons. Karra-chan has a few brains, Sora just might have some, not too sure about Karra though..."' I was all like, 'HEY! D8< ...Oh, well...XD' in ooc, xD it was funny. And then when they found Sora, me, Karra-chan, Naruto and Sasuke, Moriko says the 'Zexion, They're spoonless.' line and Zexion just laughs, and I'm like, "Why, do need a spoon for your yogurt?" and everybody just kinda stares at me. XD Then Moriko asks why we were all wondering around in the city/town thing by our selves, and Naruto's all like, "TO SEE IF Z--" and Karra-chan covered his mouth and says, "TO MAKE SURE YOUR USING PROPER SAFETY TECHNIQUES!" insted.....>w> XDDDD Gawd that Rp was funny....BUT ANYWAYS~! >o
"M-Moriko! W-what are you doing!?" -Zexion, RP with Chubbas

You know what, Tangle!? D:< I did Wine Red for my English project and now I've become obsessed with it. XD I HOPES JUR HAPPY.
Yeah, so today I couldn't find any pants....XD Gawd that sounds funny...And I had to wear a skirt. >_> I hate skirts. D: I also forgot my glasses. xD I know. Shocker, right? owo;; And I kept calling the teachers different names, like I went up to Mrs. Cej and was like, 'Hi Miss Meehan! :'D' . She kinda stared at me funny. But today was her last day! D| Mrs. Cej, not Miss Meehan. xD She's having a baby next week. :3 OH! XD The baby thing reminds me of something. xD
In english, I was drawing this picture of Zexraia (Zexion and Moriko's kid xD), and Chris P, looks over my shoulder and starts to tsk, and grabs my notebook out of my hands and starts andomly doodling on it. XDDD OH. MY GAWD it was hilarious. XDDDDDDD And Devin da Mokey started helping too, so it looked really weird. XD So now, Raia now has: An extra eye in the middle of her forehead because her left eye was covered by her bangfs in a very Zexion-ish way and Crispy said it looked like something from The Ring, butterfly wings with horns on the ends, Minnie Mouse ears and a pair of horns, a reaallly big nose, fangs, and she's holding a baby that says 'Baby VI'. XD It was origanally a book but Devin erased it and drew a baby but kept the VI thing...because...you know....Zexion=VI in the organization so I just though she would just so happen to be reading a book called 'Book VI' or something. XD' I drew a different picture where she was reading 'Book VI' and was surrounded by the other books I through XIII. xD Then theres one where Amber's rearranging her sketch books and they just so happen to be numbered like that and on her night stand is 'Sketch Book VIII' Because, you know...Axel=VIII in the organization and stuffs like that.....>w>

"Give it to me Baby......" -Amber in a Roleplay

This was origanally alot longer but I decided against that. XD'
But right now I'm waiting for Tangle, Shadow or Tiger, or Chubbas (Haven't talked to her in a while D: ) to come on. D: And it figures, just when I finally get on, They don't show up. XD Ohs well.

Karra ♫
I covered us with silver leaves~

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    II Icy Yuna II
    Community Member

    Sat May 17, 2008 @ 04:06am

    That spoon thing reminded me of a ramdom quote.
    "kill him with a spoon"
    "Why a spoon sir"
    "Becuase it hurts more you twit!" ---From robin hood and the prince of theives.

    Community Member

    Sun May 18, 2008 @ 07:45pm

    Yeah...Spoons are the best. >w>

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