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The lost journal of Riccarlit
Yiffy stories and other things that I put in it. Wait... why do you want to know, huh?
Zay Marcardo
Name: Zay Marcardo
Nickname: Hell Hound
Appearence: User Image
Sex: Male
Age: unknown
Race: Wolf
Personality: Dark
Powers: Master of Illusion
Special Skills: Master of Arms, stealth, and hand-to-hand combat. Expert marksman
Weapons: Single Desert eagle
Bio: Zay was thought of to be dead at the age of five, it was until he came back as if nothing even happened. But the odd thing is that Zay can be in two spots at once... some say that the Zay you seen every once in a while is just an illusion and the real one is in Hell's prison, chained and bounded up and under extreme guard.
Orientation: Bi

When Zay was young he was part of a clan called the Deathshead. They were feared by all and had very few to no enemies. Zay was sent out on a mission to take Nightwood, a fox village, for the Deathshead. Zay did so. His pack killed all and those who were left became toys to them untill they were killed off. Some knits got away but others were not so lucky. After the attack Zay returned to his father with the news on Nightwood. Later that day the Deathshead was attacked by Mercenaries and killed. Zay's body was never found and he was thought to escape but no one knows what happened or who won. In the past; Zay was known to use anyone to his own plans and then kill them off once he is done with them. He is NOT to be trusted.

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