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I hope you die in your sleep. No, I'm joking
Dead And Gone: My Immortal 2 (Chapter 15)
Chapter 15: Chapta 16


I gut up and changed into black fingerless gloves, purple fishnets on one leg and red fishnets on the other, a blak leather corset with a picture of Gerard Way between the bobs and a black leather mini skirt, matching leather bars and thing showing, and black converse shoes. I tied my hair in a kind of messy bun and applied black eyeliner, black lipstick for the top lip and purple on the bottom, and blood red eyeshadow. I put in red contacts with icy blue in the cantres.

Anyway, I was shasing Lupin my broomstick and waving my wand. I hoped I wouldn't accidentally hurt da baby, efen if I'm a statist and the baby would be evil.
"GoodiusCharlottiumisiusawesomios!" I said, and Lupin floated in da air, angirly dropping the baby gently so as to protect it.
"Ergh, no!" Lupin said. "Voldemat was going 2 help me get back Trunks and Snop.e"
"You don't have any helpfrom him-her," I said. I did Crosio on him, knowin full weel that if I went back in tim, I could bake the real Lupin turn good.

All of da sudden, da baby started 2 glow. She had a red gothick arua and I picked it up before her floated up magically. I tick out da tine toner and turned it back 2 wehn Draco wuz. I had a vision. He was in Japon in antent times, like in Mulan.

Suddenly, we were in old Jepan. there were samereyes and ninjas. The ninjas wereexactly like Naruto only not because he's a prep bcuz he wares orange and not enough blak.

Soodenly, the baby turned into a balck motercycle which I used to ride towards Draco. Draco was dressed in anctient black samurai armor with a blood-red pentagram on the helmate and he was wearing white foundation, black lipstick and purple eyeshadow. He reminded me of a geisha.

But it wasn't Draco, but one of his incestors.
"Konichiwa, memshemujite, koay...i," I said. Luckily I no Jepanese and I said "Hi, direct me 2 da hottest guy, plz."
"Shojotshotokwayy," He said Me meant "Oh, Draco Molfyo is my younger relative, he said. He's da president of Jepan now, you beautiful one."

The baby had a gothic OnStar, and had a map to Draco. It turns out that Voldemort was born with shipshaping abilities and da baby loved me so much like a mother dat she is helping me find her new dad.

So da baby turned invisible and we flew in the air secretly and snuck in da presidental building gothically. This time, Draco was crying gently against a black wall with leather chains on it. I was inhibited and wanted 2 go out with him and drink coffeee, lol.

"Draco, Draco, what's wrong?" I said.
He stopped crying and hugged me. "Enoby, ebony,I miss you!"
"I love you, too," I said. I pointed to da baby. "This is Volxemort but as a baby. We can raise her as a girl so she'll b good."
"But, I we can't--"
"But I we can'tt what?"
"You don't understand, Enoby," he said sexily. "Voldemort must be a boy."
"What? R u a sexist gothic prep. You poser a**! What's wrong with a girl?"
"But Voldemort is my real father."


I lost the game.
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