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I hope you die in your sleep. No, I'm joking
Dead And Gone: My Immortal 2 (Chapter 16)
Chapter 17: DA SCRAY CHAPTA 2, LOLS.


Da baby started 2 cry. I gasped.
"What, I thought Lucian was ur father?" I axed.
"Yeah, but my mother had raped by Voldemrot in order to make sure he lives. If Voldemort dies, the horcrux in me turns me into him."
"You stupid jerk-hole, why didn't you tell me?"
"I thought you wouldn't like me then. I love you."
"Yeah, well I don't like liars....Don't worry, Draco, I won't kill you, we will figure something out."

Draco showed me 2 mi room. I changed into a black kimono with red lace things and put on some white foundation, red eyeshadow and red lipstick.

"BTW, Dobby is my half-sister," Draco said. "My mom cheated with Dumbledore, and Dobby is Dumbledore's daughter. Voldemort cast a spell 2 make her human after she did it with Dumbledore. Dobby is older."
"Wow, that is so sad. U no Snap and Dumbledre were dating," I said. "Maybe that's why she was crying wen Snap did it with Loopin."
"Also, because of my mom, I have da power to appear in pple's dreams."
"I wouldn't know that, you're always in my dreems, LOL."

We frenched. He put on some Aiyookie Anoo or some other Japanese lady's heavy metal music and we did is passively and sexily.
Suddenly, I fell through a dark hole in da floor. I got dressed and fell in with Draco, who wuz still maked.

We woke up bak in Gogbwwarts, where Dumbledore was with da baby.
"You stupid poser old man." Draco said. I was shocked. Dumbledore was a prep and a psoer, but he saved us and was nice.....for a poser, that is.
"Give me the baby," I said. "Give us Enoby Voldinamort back."
"HAHAHA," he started to cockle wickedly. "This isn't Voldemrat, he said. I tricked you all along with this girl. No, this is......your mother, Enoby!"

I was shocked. It turns out my mother was an orphan. She was half-vampire (my dad wuz a vampire too) and also a witch, but because she wasn't all vampire, evil vampires from Yurop killed her parents sensually. My mom grew up with Voldermet and he was in love with her, but she broke his heart and convinced him to d8 Hedwig.

"No, no!" I said. "Now I won't exist!"
"You stupid old man!" Draco said. "Imperius."

Dumbledore cast a speel on da baby, causing it to float in da air infront of him. The spell made da baby cry.

"Mother!" I screeched. Dumbledore laughed meanly and pointed his wand at me. Using my vampire telepathicy, I learned that Voldemort convinced him to take the girl using Imperius. Draco's Imperius cancelled it, but affected da baby bcuz she was so close 2 da spell.
"no, what happened?" Dumbledore asked. He was wearing a black Avril Lavigne shirt and cape with green Day on da back.
"Draco, Draco, Dumbledore was being controkked bi Voldemort."

We grabbed da baby and sent it back in time using da time toner. I knew she would get hurt so I haked into the orphanage's database and changed her name from "Darkness Ivory Madden" to "Ebony Dementia Way." I was sad 2 see her go bcuz I wuz an orphan. My dad ran off valiantly into battle and died, and my mom wuz so depressed she contempted suicide with a steak. They loved me so much, I was da purfect child.

"Oh, Enoby," Draco said, he gived me da kis of deth (geddit cuz i'm gothic and a vampire and I like deth).
"oh, Draco, Draco," I said.

Suddenly, I remembered Vampire as we kissed. I remembered he was in dander, so I told Draco and took out da time toner.
"We must same him," Draco said remousefyully.

We looked outside to see a catena in da sky and kisssed sexily. We would da tine toner 2gether and fell through da dark hole.

"Enoby, I love you," Draco said. "Will u marry me?"

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