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I hope you die in your sleep. No, I'm joking
Dead And Gone: My Immortal 2 (Chapter 18)
Chapter 18: My Worlds Of Love


All day carrier owl and ********, Dumbleore's penix flew around and delivered invitations to everyone in Hogwarts. I even invited the preps, just so I could make them jealous.
Anyway, I woke up in my coffin. Draco was still sleeping inside it. I put on a black leather corset with matching strings on da front and and back, a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I put on some white foundation, black lipstick, black eyeliner and red eyeshadow. This was what I was wearing when I talked 2 Draco, lol.
I went to da gr8 hell (geddit cuz i'ma goth) and 8 sum count chrocula with lood instead of milk and a glass of blood. I remembered this is wear iMet Vampirea. Willow (don't ever say that name 2 me) and B'loody Mary set next 2 me.
"Hajamenshite, girl," B'loody Mary said rebukevilly. "I heard u r getting amrried?"
"Yeah," I said. "What do you care? Stupid prep."
B'loody Mary stated 2 cry. I felt bad, but remembered she tried to kill us with da pear.
"I'm sorry," she sobbed. "But I found a new bf. Remember that guy wif red hare? His name is Gorge Weasly."
"Congradulations," I said happily.
"I hope it goes well," Willow said
Shut up, Willow." I said. "I'm still mad e at u fortrying 2 seduce Draco."
"When did that happen?" B'loody Mary asked.
"Well," I said. "Let's have a flashback. Coo da flashback efeckts."

*cues effects*

Willow walked a lonely hallway and knocked on da boy's room of Slytherin. Crab anserd the dore.
"What's up, Willow?"
"I need 2 c Drago." She said whorishly.
"Oh, c** on in."

So they sat sexily in armchairs made of bones. Da walls were painted black with pictures of Marylin Manson on it and da windows were painted black 2 keep da sun out for vampires. Willow had brought a pottle of perrier whine.
"Where is Draco?" Willow asked.
"Wy are you so snipity?" Crab asked.
"No raisin."
"Okay, he's with Ebony now."
"But that dosent mean we can't kiss or date."
"Shut up, I wanted 2 seduce Draco."
"WHAT?!" I screamed. I wus in da other room sleeping wif Draco, and Draco and I burst in scramming. We were naked, but I was rapped in a blanket.
"HAHAHA," Crab laughed meanly. "I sed he was wif Ebony, but not wear."
"Crosi-" Willow said, but Goyke appeared and grabbed her wand.
"HAHAHA," he laughed. "Don'y you hurt us, you poser."
"It's not fair!" Willow sed. "She didn't let me cheet of her in math."

(a/n: RAVEN YOU b***h!)

"F*ck you," I said. "Remoovo."
Da speel caused her 2 fly out da door.

*end flashback*

"Why, Willow?" B'loody Mary sobbed."
"I'm not good in meth like Ebony." Willow said. She ran out crying sexily.

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