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I hope you die in your sleep. No, I'm joking
Dead And Gone: My Immortal 2 (Chapter 19)
Chapter 19: Write Your Name

Author's Note: Well, the story has been going down hill, so let's try to bring it up! In this chapter, Enoby and Draco tie "da" knot.


We all made plans. Da wedding was set 4 2nite. Until then, klasses were cancelled. I knew I didn't have 2 worry about Vlodemort attacking, because we had given all the goths and teachers guns and ninja stars 2 protect every2.

The gr8 ball was painted black, and had red & blak streamers, with Slytherin flags all around the doors and windows, and da floor was painted in da Slytherin colors. A banner said "Enoby + Draco = 4eva! God luck!" hung with floating gotic purple candles.
Mr. norris and Filth were wearing black party hats with red pantagrams all over them, and Mr. norris was smiling for once! He and Filth were greeting guests. They were wearing matching gothic black suits like Gomes Adams.
"Thanks for shaving us, Enoby," Norris said warmfully. "Sorry 4 trying 2 kill u, I thought it would help us."
"It's okay," I said. "I don't like 2 cause ppl pain, even tho i'ma statist."
"Thank you, thank you." He said. Filth meowed.

I was wearing a gothic blak wedding dress that looked like the dress worn by da ded girl in helena, heleean. I was a gothic bouwuet with blood red roses and blak throns. Underneath my dress I was wearing a black cotton wire bra with a black leather thong. I was wearing black fishnets, black-platinum high-hells and drak crystal ball earings on my ears. I was wearing white foundation, purple lipstick, and purple eyeshadow. My hair sat sexily down my back and had grown long enuff 2 reech my butt.

Da gests piled in. Professor Travolry was wearing a gothic black dress from Resident Evil and wore green eyeliner, eyeshadow and foundation, making her look rotting. How cool is she.
Ron, Crab and Goyje wer wearing matching gothic black suits with red or purple tied, and they all looked like Billy Joel and were all wearing blue contact lenses.
Ron was holding hads with Gothic, who was B'loody Mary's great-great-awesome-grandma. I knew I had 2 send her and Gorge Weasly (We hall him Pantagram now) back in tim b4 we upset da tim srtreem. But they both loked so cute 2gether, so I decided 2 wait a little longe, when da wedding was over.
She and B'loody Mary had their hair in messy buns. Willow was wearing a long black gothic red, B'loody Mary was wearing da outfit from Evenesent's My Immortal, and Gothic and Darkness wore red koktail dressed, with Gothic addid blak betwings 2 her dress's waist. They were all thin enough to be anorexic, but they werent they're all helthy.

Vampire, who has going 2 be Draco's main man for da wedding, was dressed like Gerard Way in da new MCR video. He looked just like Joel Madden, and he even had white foundation, purple lipstick and grew a gothic blakc berd with purple streaks and a red tip that looked like fire.
Dumbeldore, who converted to Santaism, wuld b marryign us. He was wearing a gothlic black cloak with Gren Day and Good Charlorte al over it. He looked sexily like a pentagram between Kurt Cobain, Billy Joel and Gerard Way. Professor MacGoogle was wearing a black gothic dress with purple marks and wuz bhind Dolbemro. So was Professor Sluthorn.

"U look butiful Enoby" they all said.
"Thanks." I said bashfully. "I can't w8."

Suddently, britney came in da hell (geddit) in a slutty pink dress and looked like hilary duff in da crinderalle story (I h8 that movie and girl!!!!!!!) and had curled her hair, 2. She had Snap arond 1 arm and Hagrd on the other. She was d8ing them both, like a slut. She rescued both of them from Azkabian and they both wanted 2 thank her, but I knew they wanted 2 make me jealous.
Lucian and Sirius wer otside preparing the black stretch limo with the linsense plaate that sed EboDracoby" on it. They smelled at me and were wearing lipstick. Lucia didn't kno Draco was not his sun and that his ex-wife (they divorced and then she died, which caused Draco 2 becum gothic) cheeted on him. I felt sad.

Anyway, MCR was singing, followed by Good Charlotte, Green Day, Avril Lavigne (EW) and Blink-882 and Evanesensece, and MCR again. Bloody Gothic Rose 666 would be playing at da end, but Hagrid and Willow were replaced by Darkness and Goyle (Grab hrut his ram by slitting his wrists).

Anyway, Diabolo's twin brothers, Fred and Gorge were there and dressed like Diabolo. We call them Hellfire nd Demon now, respectivelly.

Anyway, things were going 2 strat. Sinister walked me down da isle wif Dumbledore (I knew he was men 2 me but he was rraly nice). I nervously smorked sum pot until Draco came in a gothic purple suit and a purple tophat with black contacte cam in. I felt okay.

Lucian walked with him, and soon it was just Draco, me and Dumbeldroe at da alter. Every1 else sat down. I saw Gerard wink at me, and I smiled. I forgot 2 get his ottograff when I last met him, and I knew we would have been sorry for what happened.
I was nervous. Normally I don't like it when pple pay so much attention 2 me, and every1 wuz loking. Then I looked at Draco, smilleing sexily at me, and I wuz calm.

Traeh was my bridesmaid and was wearing a black cosort dress. She looked at me happily and mistressly. I hoped she would get married sumday, maybe 2 Vampire or some1. All da other girls except B'loody Mary, Darkness and Gothic and da teachers were either taken or a poser. I hoped she would find sum1 or sumthign, bcuz every1 needs luv.

"Does any1 object 2 da merrige?" Dumbeldore asked. Everyone didn't answer. "Okay, Draco, will yuo asept her and marry her?"
"I will, I will." Draco said exitedly.
"And Ebony, u 2? To Draco?"
"Yes, of course," I said. I never wanted 2 marry so young and wanted 2 wait until I got out of school, but I was so much in love wif Dracko and I knew it wud wourk. We've been through so much together.
"Then by the powers of Satin u are married, kiss da bride," Dumbledore said. Draco and I frenched passively as MCR played and every1 moshed 2 da music.

Of course, Vlodemort appeared, but Dumbedore cast a spell on us and we were in da limo being driven away into Hogsmaede. Tommorrow we would sexily spend out honeymoon shoppin in hot Topic and drinking blak coffee.

"Enoby," Draco said romantically. "Wud you like sum win?"
"Wine, no thanks," I said. My stomik kicked. I gasped. "I think I'm pregnant."

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