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I hope you die in your sleep. No, I'm joking
You know how at Football games and such they have those stands? You know, those seats that go higher and higher?

Well, in my dream, I was at the cottage, and a farmer and someone -I think my dad- were having a friendly competition, when suddenly, it starts raining! Soon the ground is flooding and muddy, and the two competitors were looking for survivors and anyone in need of help. I and some others were safe on the stands. I pull out my Tamagotchi and have a strange feeling to dig the ground below me. I do so, and a human hand pops out. Turns out I saved someone's life, a female bus-driver, and I was being hailed as a psychic hero. As a reward, I was offered a chance to ride a go-kart in the subway tunnels while the bus-driver drives her bus beside me. I missed my chance because I didn't want to go, and Kim Catrall or whatever stalled me.

Because I missed my chance, I rode the bus instead. The bus-driver was riding the bus, too, and so was this random stranger I started talking to. He got off about 4 or 5 or 8 or so stops later.

I return to the area where I saved the bus-drivers life (It's still all muddy and stormy, but no one is doing anything about it. Or noticing, for that matter). I think about the praise I was getting, how everyone called my psychic, even though I said that just having a feeling didn't make my psychic. I started digging in the same spot, and the same hand popped out (White hand, BTW. Odd, 'cuz the bus-driver was black).

It turns out this was a re-run. I was in my pajamas, going to Edward's retirement party (I'm just as confused as you are. But apparently, Edward is was this great hair-cutter, and now he didn't have enough money to run the place. He's a great friend to everyone, though). I get in a taxi from the right side. On the left is a girl, her boyfriend on her lap and kissing her. In the middle has a man with long, black hair and glasses, Like one of the Sims from Strangetown. And this other man, his date, was blond, blue-eyed, and supposedly really, really handsome, at least to the man in glasses.

The man in glasses serves as our narrator. Well, he gives one voice-over. It turns out that the black-haired and glasses guy has a mad crush for the blond guy, whom is also very successful. So this date has to go perfect, so the man will be his boyfriend. And the blond guy is all nice and stuff.

Since I'm the only single person in the back seat (5 of us, FTW), I ask the Taxi driver on a date.
"I'm straight," I said. "But I need a date."

When the taxi stops, I get out, followed by Natella and Keisha from Bromwell High. Edward's shop was a barber shop, a "Religious" extention, a ballroon, and some others. I was amazed that with all this, Edward was going out of business.

The lights were bright, like the lights in a convenience store or at school. Flourescent, I think? It looked really nice coming from the white buildings in the dark night.

We all go into the religious extention, and go past these passeges, first letting either a fat man or a skinny red-neck-looking guy pass us.

Then I woke up.


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