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I hope you die in your sleep. No, I'm joking
Dead And Gone: My Immortal 2 (Chapter 17)
Chapter 17: Picaso I will spread


Draco and I woke up on a stone floor. We were in Salem, Masechewsitz where da withc trials tok playce. I knew Vampirs would b here and threatened bcuz he's a wizerd.

We went to da stake brungin. A bunch of prepr in white-and-black clothing nd those bellpuckel hates (geddit) and pilgrim clothes were burning a gothic-looking boy and a drak-hared girl. It was Vampire.
Only it wasn't Vampire but Diabolo. He saw me and screamed. "Enoby Enoby! c** sayv me! I'm sorry, I pretended 2 be Vampire so you'd c** 2 sayve me,"
"Oh, I see, I see," I said. "No need to be erective."
"BTW, this gothic girl here is Rata Belisgie, but we claa her Gothic. Gothic is her because she's a goth, and these pple r preps who h8 goths and think they r all witches."
"Look." A preppy man said. The preppy main pointed @ me and Draco and screamed at us. Draco grabbed my waist and we flew on mi bromstcik, and we flew over da pple.

"PPL, PPLE, PLZ." I said. "Don't u see that judjging pple on their exterior is wrong? We should all accept eachother for our difference. No more racism. Together, all of us."

I and Diabolo started 2 cry. Enoby was turned on. All da ppl started 2 murmer and agree. I lovedEnoby for her skills.

"Enoby, so how about it?"
"What, Draco?" She asked. We untied Gothic and Diabolo and flew 2 behind an ally.
"Will u marry me?"
"Yes, Draco. But first, let's have sex."

We boiked gothically against a blak wall. But then I peered into her hed and learned....Sum2 was controlling her mind!
"Who are you?" I said. "Where is Enoby?"
"HAHAHA" Enoby said in a man's voice. "I used Imperius as u fell back in tim."

I couldn't tell who it was. It was either Vampire, Dracula or Dumbledore. I knew Dracule was ded and Vampire wuz missing, Dumbledore wasn't in this tim. maybe it was Voldemort, sejuiced me in order to upset Enoby?

"Ergh, No!" I said. Draco started 2 cry. I regained control bcuz vampires are resistant 2 mind controll after a while. Now I wuz safe.
"Ebony ebony,, r u allrite?"
"Yes, Draco. And I WILL marry u!"

he filled me in on da stori. I knew he didn't mean to cheet on me, so it was okay.

Anyway, we gathered every1 and heded back 2 Hogwarts. We had a weeding 2 plan!

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