Alright readers who are so few, I'm back, and as I type this I believe that the plan has failed. Oh well it's time I revealed why I did what I did so as to finally be truthful about it.

Ok well before I go into the juicy bts, there's a little something first

White day = 28 days after Valentine's day, where in Japan a person gives the person they like a white ribbon to say, "I love you" sorta like the rose from Valentine's day, but if the person ties said ribbon in the hair of those they like then their love is eternal or something like that. For our KH fans out there it's basically a paopu fruit type deal....

TSS = is a condition amoung three people, two of whom like each-other, while the third likes only one of them, but is unable to hate the other. The T part is an individual that likes S1, but S1 only views T as a friend. S1 in turn shares feelings with S2, but T can't hate S2 due to them making S1 happy.

ok now that we have the logistics out of the way, the plan....

I came up with this plan mainly due to two of my friends were and still are dating each other. I consider these two my best friends, though they probably don't see me in the same light. I had previously read about White day and thought, 'damn this year's W-day has passed' so I planned for the next one. Over the year in between the dates for the W-days, I had come up with scenario after scenario. It only hit me that one of these friend's had a birth date during the same month, so I asked Itchi to help me out with planning a party on March 14.

Sadly though this was until recently proven to be unable to do so. I would plan this party, but I have devoted all planning power to this task as well as any assignments along the way. So that same day I consulted one of these friends about what they might be doing, hoping to rectify the problem. Turns out there was a high chance of them being away for the entire day, and after. So the plan is as of now down the tubes. I write this with only one week left to try and make this a success, but I plan not to get my hopes up.

The plan involved one of these friends, S2, giving the ribbon to the other friend, S1, during some alone time, probably while the rest of us were out playing Capture the Flag, which S1 doesn't play very often, and which S2 has on occasion stayed with her. While giving S1 the ribbon, S2 would, hopefully, tie it in her hair. S1, already knowing what this would symbolize, might ask if I had any hand in this, might gasp out of surprise, or most probably just be unfazed, seeing as how she has already sussed out that I made the plan, and revolved it around W-day. Anyway what nobody knew was that if this event had gone down without a hitch then I would be finally free of any lingering feelings that I possess.

You see, I am the T part in this case of TSS, and to everyone else I have made it appear that I am over these feelings for S1, and at times I am. But it's just times when we're talking, or she and S2 are all over each-other, or I'm the only single person amoungst three couples, or I have an emotional relapse. It's times like those that reawaken these feelings, and I do fear that I may have done something bad this night after a sudden relapse. But in all cases I get a slap in the face reminding me that I'll never be in S2's possession with S1. And then that forces me into a depression spiral which I have to hide, by either leaving abruptly, being over hyped, or just fade into the background.

The entire purpose of this plan was for one reason: further cement the relationship, from my view, between S1 and S2, while in turn completely killing any chance of me being happy in that sense. I mean I might still be happy without her, but if this plan is destroyed then I know a part of me will always be there, hoping they break up, and I then swoop in and.... but yeah if the plan is a success then that side of me will be gone for good, and I'll devote all my power to keeping those two together. Also if the plan fails then I may just act on some advice, and pick up the broken pieces, if their relationship fails.

And that is the absolute truth of this plan, how I feel, and what I'll probably do if this whole thing turns out bad. But still 7 days to see if everything will be ok. Oh yeah and if any of you want an example of TSS then just watch Cardcaptor Sakura Movie #2: Tomoyo tries to get Sakura and Syaoran to admit they like each other, while she in turn likes Sakura.

Later and Happy White Day