Hello again people who read this, however few you may be. I'll bet some of you are wondering about how the White Day plan went over. Well let's see, it was a complete disaster. So much so that I had to actually give s1 her ribbon ONE DAY EARLY, for there was no chance in hell S2 was going to do it. Even after all that careful planing. Anyway reason why I gave her the ribbon was because it was originally meant for her, and I didn't want the damn thing, so yeah good for her, she gets a useless white ribbon. I say useless because I hope this isn't some exchange of gift thing where the sentiment would still apply even if it weren't the occasion it was meant for. If it is something like that, it would explain why I'm now more quiet, and more weird around S1... Oh god I hope it isn't like that......... otherwise it might be a puking kind of feeling that is the result of hormonal imbalance coupled with some sort of emotion retardation due to me giving her the ribbon before March 14........... Yeah that must be it...

Anyway back to what I was saying earlier, I have a brand spanking new sexy awesome coat. Ok so it's not as great as that, but it's still great enough. This isn't the only news, I also have been partaking in an event known as LARP - Live Action Role Playing, which is where a bunch of people act out a set of instructions as made up characters. Sort of the stuff done on here, but in reality, and with foam weapons.

I'm also in the process of creating my own LARP character persona.

Yeah all this stuff is happening and I just wanted to post it on here. Ok so I really wanted the gold, but this way I can disguise it by saying I have a new coat, as well as saying the results of my W-day plan.

K Later