Ten souls
Fighting stronger than ever
Two beings
Defending their most precious treasure
One Warrior
The savior of us all

Lost Paradise
Angel and Demon united
Fallen through
Ending the last of the celestials
Two knights
Waging war on the realm
One Power
To eradicate all life

Third of a kind
On opposite sides
Watching and waiting
As galaxies collide

Moons lost
Five souls defeated
Leaving life and the world's fate
All hanging in the balance
While one stays
Living on the other side

Darkness flows through
Into the Light
And engulfed by Flames
The power crushes
Falling into home
Crashing the gates
We must survive

Unified till the end
Spirits rush on
Apart of us forever
Never to be forgotten
Evolution runs over

The Ancient power
Within us all
Watched over
By Law, Beast, and Judgment
We sing out

Fire burning Metal
Wind rushing Water
Lightning striking Wood
Ice freezing Earth
Light piercing Darkness

Angels, Demons and Knights

With the Ancient Guardians
And the Greatest of Warriors
All colliding
Shaping forming
The Immortal Creator

As it all falls through to One