Watching the shadows
Smelling the damp, cool, rain soaked streets
Passing through the gates
Removing our masks
Unto midnight

Travelling through
Hearing the cries
Joy rings out
Un the night festival

Descend unto me
Tiny points of light
All whispering the same
Joy to them all
As GLOW lights the way

But least not
The competitive spirit die
Night be young as youth flies
Lies are told, feelings bold
Capture the tale tonight

Others lost, but least we forget
Tonight the two alone
Let them share in the GLOW
While others watch the fight
Let their feelings grow
For Summer ends tonight

Stand tall brave one
Your rival waits with them
Friends are here, and let them share
The GLOW of your dreams fair

So now we say Goodnight, Good day
Tomorrow brings troubles
Leave them now, I'll show you how As We role back tonight

Watch our shadows
Smell the damp, cool night air
As we pass through the pates
Our masks back on
Into midnight....