Name: Lily
Age: 17
Race: Human
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Bio: Lily has a disease called spinocerebellar ataxia

Before she was diagnosed, Lily was a very active girl. Her favorite thing to do was run through the meadow behind her house in the morning, letting the dew cover her legs, then she would lay down in the middle of the meadow, right next to a lone sunflower. She loved music very much, and it is the only thing she can do to make her momentarily forget about her disease. It distracts her mind, which can be very useful when she feels down about her life.

She currently travels as much as she can, which isn't very much, but since she's been traveling for a few years, she is far from home. Her family doesn't know about her disease yet, for which is she grateful. If her parents knew, they would immediately send someone to get her and bring her back home to start doing therapies at the hospital.