Name: Cecilia / Lives in the Night Sky
Age: 17 / Thousands of Earth years
Race: Human / Soul
Hair: Long black hair that reaches down to her waist. She will usually keep it in a ponytail, but will sometimes leave it down to hide her scar
Eye: Light grey eyes, which makes the thin silver ring around her pupil less noticeable. If a light were to be shined into her eyes, the silver ring would reflect the light very brightly.
Clothing: Light blue jeans, a brown, long sleeved shirt, even in the summer. She prefers the cold, but she doesn't mind warm places. She'll sometimes wear sunglasses in the rare cities that are only inhabited by humans. Also also wears a silver pendant with a picture of David.
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Cecilia - Born in a large city where pretty much everything bad happened. There were crimes being commited every day, people were getting robbed, killed, etc. But very, very slowly, things began to change. Death rates began to fall, as did crimes. Soon, you could walk out into the city without the fear of getting shot. What was going on? Her father always used to abuse her, but his drunken rages stopped. What happened? She noticed that every guy had a scar on the back of their necks, except for her brother. David. David was just as confused as her. After a few weeks of oddity, David gets a scar on the back of his neck, too. She noticed an immediate difference in him. He wouldn’t cuss anymore, he rarely got mad, and he had a thin silver ring around his pupil. She ran away, afraid that they would do whatever they did to her friends and family to her.

Lives in the Night Sky - Born in the Origin of Souls, Lives in the Night Sky is famous because she was one of the rare souls to leave the Origin. She has visited every “open” planet, except for Earth. She left every planet with no desire to return to any of them. She hoped that Earth would be the planet she could finally stay in. The “invasion” has only gone on for about 3 years, on Earth, that is, so there are still some people who have not had a soul “inserted” into them. Cecilia was one of those people. After being hunted down and captured, Lives in the Night Sky is “inserted” into Cecilia, but Cecilia, already having some knowledge about the invasion, is strong enough to resist being completely wiped away from her mind. Lives in the Night Sky can switch minds with Cecilia whenever she wants, but she prefers to lie and say she can't because Cecilia might not let Lives in the Night Sky come back. But that while might be enough to do a lot of damage. After weeks of arguments, they decide to cooperate in Cecilia’s mind. Lives in the Night Sky controls the body, for now, at least. Of course, as you've probably noticed, souls don't like violence, so anyone violent is known to be human, which is how they capture them.

(By the way, anything inside ~'s are Cecilia's thoughts. Anything inside * are Lives in the Night Sky's thoughts)

(Sometimes I might call Lives in the Night Sky "Lives" for short. She loves traveling everywhere)

(Yes, this idea is similar from the book "The Host." but I did change a few things. I just finished reading it, and it inspired me to make a new RPC)