Name: Nivera
Age: 16
Race: Witch
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Bio: *still working on it*
Nivera was born in a very small village named Witch's Point. Population: 100. 49% witches and 50% human. Someone missing? Nope. A pair of twins were born... different. Rose, the girl, was born human, like the other males in the village. Thorn, on the other hand, was born with magic, like the other females in the village. Now Thorn is famous in the village for being the only male with magic, as is Rose for being human.

Nivera was born over a century later, as Thorn's one and only child, increasing the population to 101. The village council didn't agree, saying that if Nivera was to keep living, then Thorn must have a male to keep their ratio of male to females balanced, or at least this was their excuse. They were actually terrified of the thought of having someone in their village born from 2 magical parents rather than one. Thorn refused and for 10 years the council and Thorn argued about Nivera.

During those ten years, Nivera learned the "women's" magic of the village (cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc.) from her mother, Celia But they never got along very well. Celia would constantly be yelling at Nivera. Because of this yelling Nivera would constantly make mistakes, which only caused Celia to yell at her more.
Her father taught her how to manipulate the women's magic and use it for other things. To end the arguments between himself and the council, he "banished" Nivera from the village, but she was still allowed to return whenever she wanted, as long as she wasn't seen by anyone except her father.