Name: Ama
Age: 16
Race: Human
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Bio: Past is unknown.

When she was 15 she suffered from a blow to the head and lost her memory. When she woke up, on her jacket was the word "Ama" and now she believes that to be her name. She believes herself to be 16 (and she is). She doesn't know anything about herself, and she actually prefers to keep it that way. She enjoys having her past kept a mystery and has never bothered to find out who she truly is. The first few days she did, but after finding no missing person poster of herself, she gave up and decided to look at the bright side of having no previous memories. Since then she wanders wherever she pleases, enjoying her freedom. A few days later, she slept in an abandoned building and when she woke up, her jacket was gone, replaced with a bunny that she now carries around everywhere she goes, no matter what. She never found out who did that, and she doesn't bother to try and figure it out. She decides to just let whatever happens happen and hope for the best. When she is alone, she does get a bit depressed and wonders what her life would be like right now if she hadn't lost her memory and kept living how she had before. It is during these times, and also randomly, where she will occasionally have what she believes to be flashbacks to her past. She generally tries to ignore or forget what she sees, but there are times where what she sees isn't something she would like to forget.