Name: Lizzy
Age: 17
Race: Human
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Quick bio:
Lizzy's parents and sister disappeared when she was only 7 years old. She has lived in an old castle all her life, surrounded by her guards. It was her parents "disappearing" wish that they protect her at all times.

When her mom disappeared in her sleep, a lonely blue gem was on her bed. (Not a sapphire, just a blue gem) She found that it fit perfectly onto a silver ring that she had been given after her 15th birthday.

Her father disappeared as well, only 3 days after her mother. All that was found was a small green gem on his bed. Just like the ring, it fit perfectly into a necklace given to her right after her birth.

Her sister disappeared the day after her father did, but not in her sleep, and her leaving a pink gem in her place. For some reason, this gem did not fit onto a bracelet she has been given.

If you were to look closely at the gems, you could see a little figure moving inside of each of them. The pink one has a figure, but it appears to be asleep. Lizzy thinks the figures are her family. Since her sister disappeared while she was awake, she thinks that is why the gem won't fit and why the figure in the gem appears to be asleep, while the blue and green ones are awake.

Sometimes, if the gems and placed right next to each other in a triangle, the figures seem to interact with each other, although all they really try to do it wake up the sleeping figure in the pink gem.

Now, every time she falls asleep, the figure in the gem (Lizzy's sister) is replaced with an awake figure (Lizzy). The sleeping figure is the new Lizzy, named Christy. Christy shares her sister's body, even though Lizzy isn't aware of it. Christy knows she's Lizzy, but she doesn't act like her, not much anyways. So Lizzy's body never sleeps. Lizzy only comes back when she wakes up. Christy doesn't like being shut into the gem, so when Lizzy starts waking up, she will start singing lullabies.

Lizzi does talk to the gems as if they were real people. She calls the mom, dad and sister (sometimes she'll call her sister Christy.)