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Connecting My thoughts, and dreams, and hopes, losses, regrets, and pains, and expression of the heart.

Poison Fairy Sennyo
Community Member
Thank you
February 21, 2011 Monday 3:58PM

Mind you, I'm on the medication at the moment, so I may not be the self you are accustomed to.
On Saturday, Nucc came over at 12:15PM. I greeted him as he came out of his car, and we walked back to the house. We rested in my bedroom for a while, then headed out for Steak n Shake, both ordering frisco melts. It was in the 50's that day, sunny and blue skies. We went to the park and went around the lake on the end we hadn't gone on before. A high school couple was there, wearing matching hoodies proclaiming when they got engaged (in December). Kind of vomity, we both said.
We went to Tokyo Foods and he bought some squid and me this chocolate icecream thing which I thought was one of those freeze-dried icecreams at first, but was actually just chocolate. We got back to the house and at around 2:50PM he went about fixing our computer. By 5PM he was pretty much done and was just waiting for the computer to finish scanning things. Mother, Second Sister and her two friends, and First Sister were home by this time. Second Sister and co. were jumping on the trampoline.

Mother told us that since the hotel was booked, Nucc could spend the night in our guest room. We were really happy.
He told me that although he didn't think that I would, to not come down in the night and visit him, as that would ruin all of the parents' trust. I knew that, I told him.

Time passed and 7PM came around. Dinner was a choice between Johnny Rockets with Mother and Second Sister and her friends, or Father's mother's food. We went with the latter, but decided to just bring the food home. I was a bit worried about all the questions his side could barrage Nucc with. We got to her house, and everything went much better than expected.
Before this, Father was asking Nucc about keyloggers, if they were possible. Nucc said yes and that he could look some up for Father and Father's brother.
Anyway, we got to Father's mother's house, and he shook hands with most of everyone. All were there except Lee. Nucc talked to Leo about nerdy computer stuff and I hung out with the women. Grandmother gave me this dumpling thing, then Nucc one as well with a fork and plate. Mother had humorously warned us/him about this, about Grandmother feeding us directly, and even wanting us to sit down, which she did want us to do.
We went back home and ate. First Sister was watching House in the living room. We went downstairs to relax. Kissing, etc.

He told me a short story about someone he was once with, holding me in the position I usually am in when he vehkanc sa. I was able to prevent that feeling of my heart drowning. Ra drah vehkanat sa, yht yfdan y frema E ycgat res dryd ev fa tet ed, ev ra luimt cdub rescamv vnus lissehk ehceta uv sa. Ra cyet ra fych'd cina. Drah ra ycgat, "Tu oui fyhd du tu ed?"
"Oac," E cekrat. Ra csemat dryd cmo fyo ra lyh, yht E dumt res du dyga uvv rec byhdc. Ra lusbmeat, yht tet cu ehlmitehk rec puqanc.
I commented on that, a smile on my face. I wore my light-grey skirt and Freiheit shirt. He wore a Rocking with Hawking blue shirt and jeans, with his normal brown belt.
E kud uh dub uv res. Geccehk. Ra fych'd 001% anald oad, pid E fyc fad ahuikr. E sujat yceta dra puddus uv so haf binbma ihtanfayn (E fyc ymcu faynehk dra sydlrehk binbma pny dryd tyo) yht bid ed eh. Syta ed uh dra vencd yddasbd, E luimt damm po dra byeh. Pid E fyc sujehk y ped duu vycd cu ed cmebbat uid. "Mad'c dyga ed cmuf." ra kahdmo cyet du sa. Fa bid ed eh ykyeh. Ymdruikr ed fych'd eh jano taab, fa cmufmo sujat ykyehcd aylr udran. Uin lracdc yht vylac lmuca du dra udran'c. Ra kahdmo dumt sa du kad uvv, cyoehk cusadrehk mega, "E lyh'd." E lusbmeat yht kud res uid uv sa, cdemm cdnyttmehk res druikr. Ra dumt sa dryd ra teth'd drehg ra luimt ryja ramt ed eh, yht dryd oui lyh zicd damm palyica ed cdyndc maygehk uid.
E kud uvv uv rec myb yht cyd haqd du res yc ra bid rec byhdc pylg uh. "Oui vamd jano kuut." ra dumt sa. E dryhgat res. Fa rikkat yht geccat.

Sometime after this we got to a topic. I apologized to him if I ever seem bitchy. "I'm sorry if I ever seem jealous."
"Jealous of what?"
"Of all the people you've been with."

He told me of this girl in Japan he once met on a train. They had gone through several stations together and she was purposely falling asleep and leaning on his shoulder. He tried multiple times to shrug her off. She then began texting, and he noticed that she was asking him if he could speak Japanese. He said yes, and she told him that he should get off a certain station with her. He consented to this. He said that he went back to her place. Then after a while he thought something like, "I should get back to that anime store I originally was going to, instead of cuddling with you."
I asked him if she was purposely falling asleep on him. He thought so, and that she was just horny at the time, but he said, "I think she got what she wanted."
He then told me that he has never done sex on the first date, besides that one time. I told him that he did tell me once of a time that he did do that, but he must have been referring to that girl. He told me that he hadn't been with anyone since the last time he was in Japan.
I asked him, "How many people do you think you have ever been with?"
"Mmm... at least a dozen- but that's within a span of time since I was 12- well 13 since it was only a month before my birthday." he said something like.
Sometime during this I told him, "I usually don't go for manwhores like you, but I guess you're different." I stroked the right side of his face, he was looking away from me at the time of me saying this.
He said to me something like, "I'm sorry if my being a manwhore bothers you."
I embraced him, saying something akin to, "It's okay. It's all in the past."
~"Mmm, hmm. That's right. None of those other girls/people mattered."

I love him so, Cahhou. I really do.

We were hanging out in my bedroom and then went to the parents' room to get him some towels, shampoo, etc.
At something past 10PM, we went to his bedroom and we were saying our goodnights, as he was really tired since he got up around/past seven and he needed to take a shower. I told him that I could help him undress. He did that "Uh huh." thing he does. He told me to get him if the computer scan finished- as long as it finished before midnight, he added, as he told me not to stay up for it, lest we get in trouble with my parents.
I took a shower and at around 11:55 I went downstairs and found that the scan was completed. I went downstairs, turning on all the lights along the way. I knocked on his door lightly. I worried about waking him. I stood there nervously, then knocked a bit louder, saying, "Nucc?"
"Yeah?" he softly replied.
"I just wanted to tell you that the scan thingy is done." His door opened a few inches. "Sorry if I woke you." I said to him. He opened the door, and I saw him there, his hair slightly damp at the ends, wearing a white t-shirt and his red lounge pants. He said it was okay, and the last time he checked the clock it was around 11:30PM, so he hadn't been asleep for too long. We kissed and went upstairs. He closed out the scan and turned off the computer. We went downstairs and said goodnight. He asked what time he should wake me the next day. I said that anytime not before 8AM was fine.
"I'll see you in the morning." he said to me. We kissed and left each other.

I woke at around 7AM, listening to the sounds of dishes clattering. I thought it was him, nervously. I went back to sleep. I woke again at around 8:30, nervous and anxious that he would come upstairs and wake me. At 8:47AM I texted him. "I giveth you permission to wake me."
8:50AM: "Fiiiiiiiine. One moment <3" he replied. I fell tried to fall back to sleep. At 8:55AM I heard him coming up the stairs and enter my room. I hid my grinning the best I could as I felt and heard him put pressure against my mattress. He licked my head and I somewhat feigned, as I was a bit surprised, and laughed, "You scared me." He kissed me and said good morning.
We smiled lovingly at each other. I had the blankets a bit below my shoulders. Ra lineuicmo yht luomo sujat pylg so dyhg dub, aqbucehk so mavd hebbma. "Mmm." he softly murmered. We kissed and I sat up, saying our loving words. I rubbed my eyes and asked him what time he got up. He said past seven, and he couldn't get back to sleep. He commented on how cute I was with my hair all rumpled up from sleeping. He walked away to the end of my bed as I sat on the edge of my right side of it. He goofily bent his body to the left and right as I amusingly smiled at him. "Oh, can you not see this far?" he asked.
"No, I can." I said, "It's just a bit awkward." I got up, clad in only my tank top and blue and black underwear. I searched rather blindly(it was dark and I was without my glasses) through my basket of laundry.
"I love how organized your laundry is." he jokingly said. I told him how I usually don't fold my clothes after just washing them. I found a tan bra, and lowered my tank top to my waist and put it on. Then put the tank back on, then my black skirt. He told me that he'd be downstairs- well, not downstairs downstairs, but the floor below, he said. I nodded, we kissed, and I brushed my teeth, etc.
I put on my blue long sleeve shirt that I had bought from Walmart the same day I had bought the set of lingerie, and went downstairs. I found him working on the HP computer. I went to the kitchen and had a banana and some cereal. We then went upstairs to relax. Him on the right side, I on the left (when on the bed). I felt sick. I asked him if he felt sick last night. He said no, and asked if I did. I told him how I got vomity last night and puked up some chocolate from the hershey kisses I ate.
I was also feeling sick at that moment, and incredibly hot.
"It's too hot to wear long sleeves." I said. I got up, walked around the bed, and put on a t-shirt. As I put on my shirt, he smiled and said, "I'm not looking." I smiled and he looked at my face as I put it on. I moved over him to get back onto my side of the bed and lied next to him, my arm over my forehead. I told him that if he wanted to refrain from kissing me that day, that was fine. He kissed me on the cheek. I felt so hot and ill. Minutes later I felt fine again, and cold, and put back on my original blue shirt.
We went downstairs and Mother told us that Father never asked his mother about having lunch the next day( that current day), so we could just have lunch on our own or with the immediate family. She asked if we wanted IHOP or dim sum. Nucc said, "Not IHOP." We laughed.
We went to the basement and watched Repo Men. At around 12PM Second Sister called down to us, asking us if/when we were ready to leave. "Actually, we were about to come up." Nucc said to her. We got up and went to dim sum. Father person joined us later, and then we got home. We went downstairs. "You told them that I was in the airforce?" he said something like. I said yes. Then he said that he thought he told me not to tell anyone. I apologized, and asked why. He just said that it was because he didn't like talking about it. I apologized, and he said it was all right, just not to tell anyone else.
Today I told this to Mother person and she said that he was the one that told her about it, actually.
Nucc said that he woke up a few times in the night, so he didn't sleep as much as he wish he could have. We took a nap. It was really nice. On our left sides this time, so we wouldn't knock over the glasses on the table with our feet to our left.
Time passed and we woke up. I turned around to face him and we rested.
Ra vehkanat sa vnus dryd bucedeuh. Ed fyc y ped yfgfynt, cu fa cyd ib y ped yht ryt sa yccisa dra iciym bucedeuh. Ed vamd kuut. Yvdan fa fana tuha, E lussahdat ruf E fyc nayto vun yhudran hyb. Fa myoat tufh ykyeh, sa vylehk res.
Fa geccat yht syta uid. So mavd mak ynuiht rec makc vun y frema. "Oui'na cu rynt." E lussahdat.
"Oui cuiht cu cinbnecat." ra cyet fedr y ped uv y myikr. "Oui dinh sa uh, Cdabryhea..." Fa geccat.
Drah fa fana ehdandfehat, so mavd mak padfaah rec. Knehtehk ykyehcd aylr udran, cu mujehkmo yht bycceuhydamo. E hussat uh rec ayn, yht ycgat res, "Tu oui fyhd sa du tu yhodrehk?"
"E sekrd..." ra cekrat. E ullyceuhymmo cdnugat res tufh drana. Ypuja rec zayhc, uh rec cgeh ypuja rec bamjec, drah sujehk tufh yht pylg ib.
"E tuh'd fyhd du syga oui denat mega mycd desa." E cyet.
"E's ymnayto denat." ra dumt sa. Ra drah cyet, "E haat cusa namayca. " Drah, "Tu oui seht?"
"Hud yd ymm." E csemat. Fa geccat cusa suna yht kud ib. Ra fyc naymmo eh y rinno. <3
Ra cyd ib yht ytzicdat rescamv yc E kud ib yht ghaamat pavuna res. Ra fyc cu rynt. E dumt res ruf E fyc kmyt dryd ra fyc faynehk rec hunsym pamd. E ihwebbat res, ra funa rec tyng pmia bmyet puqanc. Ra fyc vimmo anald. Y ped cymdo dryd tyo. E bmaycat res.

Time passed and we talked and he showed me humorous videos on youtube as usual. Past 4PM he said, "I know it's early, but I think I'm going to head out soon."
I said it was okay. He asked if I would like to help him pack. We went to his room and I folded his clothing. He commented how he usually just throws it in. I agreed with this, but added that I only do that with my own clothing, not other people's.
We went upstairs.

When we got outside a black Honda had driven into Skyler's driveway, then backed out and drove forward to face the road correctly. It was a bit awkward. I told Nucc how the guy was watching us. We said out usual goodbyes. He said how it would only be a few more weeks, and something about how he wants to see me more and more(?) each time we're separated.
At 4:45PM he left.

I love him so. I really do. I love him.

[End Log] 6:25PM

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