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Connecting My thoughts, and dreams, and hopes, losses, regrets, and pains, and expression of the heart.

Poison Fairy Sennyo
Community Member
May 1, 2011 Sunday 9:43PM

Dearest Sennyo,

Prom was fun yesterday, I guess. I went to the Prestige beauty salon at 11AM to get my hair done, but had to wait 45 minutes till the lady could get to me. She then did my hair. It turned out really lovely. We went to Walgreens and got some makeup. Went home. Got dressed. Put on makeup. Took some pictures. Was dropped off at Victory's house at 5:25 and took some really nice pictures. Panda and Victory and their father were yelling at each other for a minute in the house, so it was a bit awkward.
We then headed to Steak n Shake.We got there at 6:10PM, twenty minutes earlier than planned. We got a table and before we were seated the woman behind the counter said, "Eating hamburgers before prom? Shameful." Victory said something about how it wasn't, and a woman (perhaps the same one) said that she went to a buffet before her prom. Lots of attention was drawn to us. We ordered shakes and water and waited for Nibby, Paige, and Kiki to arrive. The female servers, especially the pregnant one, talked to us a lot. At around 6:30 Nibby texted me saying that she was having dress malfunctions and would be late and to go ahead and order, so we did. I ordered a frisco melt and Victory had a single steak burger. A bit before the food arrived, Victory's friend Kiki arrived. She too ordered a frisco melt (although she called it a patty melt). At around 6:45 Nibby called me and asked which Steak n Shake we were at, as she had gone to the wrong one. Fifteen minutes later they arrived, looking very beautiful.
I asked the pregnant server to take a picture of our group and she kindly obliged. Sometime between 7:35-7:45 we left after asking a person in the parking lot to take a picture of us in front of Steak n Shake. We were going to follow Nibby, but we ended up getting separated and instead of following her onto the highway, we took a roundabout way of getting to the Elements and Conference Center that Vickie supposedly went over with her mother earlier that day. We got lost and ended up by Skatetown USA. After much frustration, Victory called her father and he talked her through the directions on how to get there as she drove. I texted Nibby, telling her that she got lost. She asked if we needed help, though I told her that we didn't as Victory's father was on the phone with her. We got there about 8:20. Victory and her whale of a friend were taking forever getting out of the car. We walked into the long tan building. Two people were dressed as cards as they opened the double doors to the prom attendees. We signed in and some people told us that we should turn left if we wanted to get pictures done. We didn't and I went to the left and then into the dance room ahead to the left. I found Nibby, Emily, and some others sitting down at one of the small tables straight ahead.
The dance was okay. We were one of the first dozen of people to be on the floor, awkward as it was. The majority of the music played sucked a**. At one point when a ghetto song was one, I squeezed past the crowd to ask the handsome DJ dressed as Tim Burton's Mad Hatter if he had anything by Basshunter. He said yes, and asked which song. I said that any was fine. I returned to the table very excited and happy and hugged Paige, telling her the great news. A few songs later, Dota was played and I bounced to the dancefloor and danced. It was awesome. They then played the full version of Sandstorm afterwards.
Victory and I got to playing chess since we were so sick of all the shitty music. There was a chess board and pieces set as a decoration to the right of the lounge room when you exited the dance room from the right door. I remember returning from a dance with Vickie to find that someone had knocked down some of our pieces to the game, so we no longer played after that.

I was on the far end of the dance floor, dancing with Nibby, nearby Forrest and his adorable boyfriend. Forrest is clearly the seme in their relationship, as he was grinding against his boyfriend while his boyfriend complied and did goofy things every now and then. Someone took a picture of them, they were so cute.
A slow song then came on. The two boys danced together, Forrest had his head down, nestled against his boyfriends collarbone, as Nibby and I danced together. She with her hands on my shoulders, my hands on her rib cage, as we kept a one foot distance from each other. Nibby said to me that someone was trying to take our picture because they thought we were gay, we laughed and withdrew from each other. I then saw Glass and said hello to him. He asked something like, "How ya feeling?"
"Feeling lonely." I said to him, with a weak laugh. He made an "aww" and gave me a hug as we swayed to the music. My arms around him and my head to his right side, I began to cry on his shoulder. We let go of each other as Glass said to his date not to worry (that he would dance with her). I wiped away the tears as Nibby stared at me, she seemed a bit surprised and probably even a bit unsure of what to do. She asked if I was okay, I nodded and said yes, as I continued to wipe away the tears. It was awkward. I just stood there looking at all the couples. I wanted to go to the bathroom to cry, but with Nibby there I didn't want to leave her there feeling weird/awkward/bad. After the song was over we both said "Thank god." and danced.
Victory then approached me, saying that Emily had $20 stolen from her and Paige her camera, so she gave me my purse which she was carrying around with her for protection.

[Pause] 11:37PM

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