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Connecting My thoughts, and dreams, and hopes, losses, regrets, and pains, and expression of the heart.

Poison Fairy Sennyo
Community Member
Beautiful Days
April 6, 2011 1:57PM


I don't want use days to end. On the school bus right now and the gang has already left, but I don't want these good days to end. Beautiful weather, breezy and might. Buds are starting to pop out. I don't want to stop laughing and being free and childish. It's just too much.
I was telling Glasses about how I'm a bit less stressed out now that Nucc and I are over. No more of that horrible jealousy. Or as much of it at least. Why did he have to have to be such a manwhore?

[2:03PM pause]
[9:53PM continue]

At 4:00PM today mother and I drove to Victory's house and picked her and Panda up, then went to Crazy's to get her and Glass. Glass took a freaking twenty minutes to get out of his ******** house, but from there we head to the chocolatier Aglamesis Bro's, then to a park nearby where we had a lot of fun.
I'm going to miss wonderful days like these. The weather was perfect, and the five of us were together.
We talked about light things. Silly things. Reminiscing about the old days. Joking about the present. At 6:30PM mother person picked us up and drove us straight to the youth group place. We then split up. Crazy and I went to the Chinese store and the others went to Subway. Crazy and I got seaweed salad and some buns and mochi. We then left to Walgreen so she could get a monster drink. Upon exiting we were wondering if they were back yet, and alas! they were right there at the corner of the intersection. We ran to them. Happy.
We crammed into the cubby and ate our dinner. We then played a gamed of HeadBandz in the game room, then headed up to the amphitheater to hang out, since the playground was being occupied by the youth group.
Today was really nice, Sennyo. I'm really going to miss days like these.

My only complaint was that while we were sitting on the picnic tables at the Milford Park, I received an email that Nucc had PM'd me on F2. That horrible choking feeling swept through my heart. I tried my best to push it away, and managed to keep it at bay more or less throughout the rest of the evening. Five hours with the gang was really nice.
I haven't read the PM yet, not really sure if I want to. I might later or tomorrow, who knows.

See you around, Sennyo.

[End Log] 10:18PM

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