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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
The ball and chain...sorta.
Time: 12:03 PM

After they both had a chocolate bar they both where relaxing on the couch. Ryu was upside down on it his head off the side the blood rushing to his head. “Kyo, are Hatsumi and Yuzume coming today?” She looked at him. “After awhile Ryu all the blood is going to go to your head….and I have no idea. Maybe they will pop by today, I don’t know.” She rubbed the back of her head slightly. He got up sitting next to Kyo on the couch. “Well then. What are we going to do today?” He tilted his head. She flicked his forehead. “It’s up to you.” He smiled. “Hmmm….let’s go to the arcade!” He laughed getting up and off the couch. “Come on Kyo! It’s fun there!” She blinked. “Fine.” And with that she got up going into her room. “We both should change before we go.” He walked into her room grabbing some clothing and heading into the closet to change.

When Ryu came out Kyo was out in the living room leaning on the wall. He walked over to her. He was wearing long baggy black pants with a red top on. On the back of his shirt was a bat wing and a angel wing. She was wearing a red skirt and a black top and a heart necklace on the outside of her shirt. “Ready?” He nodded. She walked over to him putting his hat on. “It’s not a good idea to pull attention to yourself.” He sighed. “But Kyooooo!” She flicked his forehead. “No buts.” He sighed. His tail was already tucked in.

They left with that going off to the mall in Kyo’s car. Once Kyo stopped the car Ryu jumped out in the dark parking garage. He locked the door then shutting it walking to the other side where Kyo was just getting out. She shut the door then looked at him. “Let’s go!” She laughed running off to the doors. “W-what?!” He ran after her. Kyo ran into the mall happy to be there. This is going to be great! I’m going to bring him with me shopping!! Bwuhahahahahhaha!! He looked at the back of her head. This isn’t going to be good…. He thought looking at her as she walked.

When they got in before they even went to the arcade she dragged him with her to shop. She dragged him to shop after shop after shop getting different things each time. The last stop was the pet store. She got a collar and leash. This time Ryu waited at a vendor outside getting a drink. He blinked as he heard a click. He turned around looking at Kyo. “…..?” She was holding a leash. “W-what are you doing?” She grinned. “Nothing.” She began to walk off his neck starting to get pulled. “You got a collar and chain?!” He hissed at her as ran up to her not wanting to be dragged.

(( Sorry everyone if this entry isnt good. I need to get back into the habit of writing >> ))

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