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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
Time: 2:31 PM

They played again and again trying different machines getting nothing each time. He sighed shaking his head looking at her. He played mini-games getting little stuffed animals, candy, and key chains. She glared at him pointing at a machine with a stuffed fox in it. He blinked sighing walking over to the machine. It was big it would take a few tries to get it. He put in money enough for at least five tries. The crane went over to the toy, he let it go making it fall on the toy’s head. It lifted it up an inch or two. He did it again trying different areas of the fox: The head, body, even a leg. The final try was the body again it seemed to get the most lift from the last tries. “Hmmmmm….” He sighed looking at her. “Last try.” He moved the crane to grab the stuffed animal’s body. It picked it up brining it over to the dropping point. It let go of it right before it went it causing it to get stuck wide in the shoot. “…..” Kyo blinked. “……” Ryu smacked his forehead. “It had to get stuck…..” She poked him. “Can you still get it out?” He nodded. He walked off brining over someone who worked at the arcade. He pointed at the at the stuffed animal. The man took out his keys finding the one that fit the machine opening the big glass door grabbing the fox stuffed animal, then giving it to him. He smiled thanking the man then giving the stuffed animal to Kyo. “Think of it as….a gift. Like you did for me.” He smiled walking off.

He blinked seeing people around a machine. He walked over to it jumping up and down trying to see what it was. From the looks of it was a singing game. He grinned. Ryu ran back to Kyo, she was hugging the stuffed fox like there was no tomorrow. He dragged her over to the machine as people started to walk off. From the looks of it was a small stage with lights and a huge screen on it. Two microphones where attached to the machine. “Come on Kyo!” He ran up to the machine taking out some money to play. Kyo blinked. “……” She walked up to the machine grabbing one of the microphones.

He played around with the machine till he got it to go to the song selection screen. He just picked random. The lights on the stage lit up shining in their background. As the song started to play he just laughed a bit. When the song came to life they both began to sing their points going up as the sections went by. A few people started to gather around the game, it wasn’t just a few by the time it was a crowd by the time their where half way into the song. They where both getting into it dancing to the beat of the song while singing. When the song ended he blinked looking behind them. “W-what?” They both didn’t notice the crowed even if was suspected. The screen turned black, then appearing on a grading screen. Their points being tallied up for a rank and grade. Kyo had a B+ and “Rock star.” Ryu had a A and the rank of Techno DJ. He blinked. “……” Kyo poked him. “Looks like you won.” She started off stage. He went behind her but soon falling someone glomping him from behind. “H-hey!!” He hit the floor of a dull thud a sharp pain in his back. “Owww.” He tried looking behind him seeing the girl sitting there squealing. Kyo laughed pointing at him. “H-hey R-ryu! Lo-oks like you have a f-fangirl!” She held her stomach trying to stop laughing. He got up the girl plopping down on the floor. He got up dodging a hug from her. “L-leave me alone.” She just stared at him grinning. “.....Bye!” He ran off. “Kyo!! Meet you out in the car.” The girl ran after him. “Hey Cutie come back!!!”

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