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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
Horror Movie Scare
Time: 6:38 PM

Ryu sighed softly as they walked down the street. Kyo was just behind him walking fast trying to keep up with him. He spotted a restaurant ahead of them. He could smell ramen in the distance. “Come on Kyo!” He walked faster the smell becoming stronger and stronger. There was a vendor in fount of them, he smiled softly. “Let’s get some ramen Kyo!” She sighed. “Fine, fine as long as it keeps you occupied.” He walked up to the vendor ordering two bowls of ramen. He smiled as the man behind the vendor gave him a bag. Kyo was behind him holding the leash. “Can we go now?” He nodded as he held the bag close to him.

Kyo sighed rolling her eyes looking up at the sky. It was beginning to get dark, but there was still some light out. As they walked back to her apartment she looked at him, he was just ginning away his head almost in the bag. Ryu I swear sometimes your just like a little kid….. She sighed closing her eyes as she walked. He looked at her. “Kyo! Aren’t your hungry?!” She blinked. “No….” Her voice trailed off. She yawned. Kyo was clearly tired. He sighed “Let’s get you home, I can see your about to fall asleep.”

Once they where at her apartment she opened the door for him. He rushed inside running into the kitchen. She had let go of the leash when she opened the door. “Kyo! Go to bed.” She nodded yawning once more before heading to her room.

He ate his ramen like a hungry wolf. As soon as he was done he went to his candy, watching TV. When Kyo woke up her door was closed light coming room the living room seeping under her door. There was a scream, a shrill horror movie scream. She jumped out of bed rushing into the living room. Ryu was huddled under a blanket watching TV, a horror movie playing. A ton of candy wrappers on the floor.

Kyo grinned. “Hehehe” She said softly creeping up behind the couch without Ryu noticing. He was to hyper and to concentrated on the movie to care about his surroundings. “Boo!” She yelled behind him. “Gah!!!” He jumped falling down on the floor. “Kyaaaaaaa….” His voice trailed on. She blinked, Kyo didn’t really think he would be scared that easily.

Ryu blinked as he got up the blanket tangled around him. He turned around looking up at Kyo, she was just a mere shadow to him at the moment. The screen went white, light filling the room. “Kyo! That wasn’t nice!!” He hissed getting up at her holding his shoulder. She snickered. “But it was fun.” He glared at her. “Don’t do that to me when I’ve been watching horror movies all night!” She blinked. “What time is it?” He looked around the room for a clock. “Well….I think it’s around….2:30 AM.” She sighed. “I haven’t been asleep long then.” He nodded. “Yeah….”

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