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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
The choking collar
Time: 3:06 PM

Ryu ran around the mall the fangirl chasing him around. He ran into a shop disappearing into a clothing rack. He poked his head up looking for the girl. He heard breathing behind him, was a bit heavy. “…….Crap.” He ran out of the clothing rack. He ran out of the store being chased again. She was right behind him at this point. Why must it be me! He ran into a men’s bathroom just walking to the sinks washing his hands real quick. He looked in the mirror not seeing anyone in the hall. Must have lost her…. He walked out of the bathroom looking around. I lost her!! Yessssss!!!

He walked out of the hallway then into a store. He looked around. “I should change into something new….” He walked around the store grabbing some clothing here and there. He walked into the changing room making sure the clothing fit him. Ryu took off his clothing putting on the ones he wanted to buy. He looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing black and white bondage pants, a white shirt with a black design on the front of it, and a black jacket that had a white dragon that wrapped around the back. He smiled. “This I could live with.” He took off the clothing taking it with him to the cashier. He paid for the clothing. “Can I put this on now?” The woman behind the counter nodded. He walked back into the changing rooms, taking off his clothing and putting it in the bag then putting on the ones he bought in the shop. He put his tail in the belt loop and put back on his hat covering his ears.

Ryu walked out of the store looking around for the girl. He started to walk back to the arcade looking for Kyo. Kyo was sitting in the food court munching on a donut. When he got to the arcade he walked around looking for Kyo. He checked all the crane games. “Where did she go?” He hung his head. “Great.” He walked out of the arcade the girl standing right in front of him. “……” She jumped up trying to hug him. He side stepped smacking his forehead. “Why me?!” He ran out of the arcade just as she was getting up. “Heeeey wait for me!!” She ran after him.

Ryu ran into the food court spotting Kyo in the back. She looked up to see him running the girl still behind him. “Kyooooo!!” When he got to her table he grabbed her arm. “H-hey! Ryu!!” She grabbed her bag as he dragged her off. “Let go of me!” She growled. He did so running again. “Come on Kyo!” He ran towards the doors of the parking lot. The door slid open as he ran towards them. He stood by the door waiting for Kyo to come out the door. He didn’t realize it but he still had the collar on and the leash was caught in the door. She ran out as the door started to close. He tried to run but the door shut tight. “K-kyo!” She turned around blinking. “…..” She started to laugh. I hate her sometimes….. He reached for the collar unhooking it then running. He ran past Kyo grabbing her and dragging her to the car. He still unlocked the car with her keys getting Kyo in. “Hey!!” He got in on the other side. “Drive!”

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