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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
Time: 4:29 PM

By the time Kyo and Ryu made it back to her apartment it was getting late. He got out of the car going to the back seat grabbing his bags along with Kyo’s. It wasn’t that many now that he realized it. She sighed getting out walking over to him. She smacked him across the head. “You couldn’t just hide for the rest of the time while we where there.” He blinked. “Hey! It’s not my fault a had some girl chasing me around the mall. How would you like it if I got some guy to do that to you?” She glared at him. “You wouldn’t dare.” He grinned. “I would.” Kyo shook her head. “See what happens if you do.” She walked off towards the doors of the apartment complex. He walked behind her carrying the bags. She walked to the elevator opening the doors, Ryu lagging behind. The bags where piled up so he couldn’t see past the bags. When he got to the elevator she closed the doors. He walked into the elevator doors. He blinked. “……Kyo….your so going to pay.” He sighed waiting for the elevator to come down again. Ding The door opened to the right floor. She looked around walking towards her apartment.

When the elevator came back down to the lobby he got in pressing the button for Kyo’s floor. He sighed leaning on the wall the bags on the floor. He listened to the music dancing to it laughing a bit. When the elevator stopped a floor below Kyo’s someone came in. They blinked looking at her. “……” He blinked as the person came on with a strange look on her face. It looks as if she has never seen anyone dance. He chuckled as he got off with the bags. The person just laughed softly as he left. He walked to Kyo’s door opening it with one hand trying to balance the bags as he did with his other hand.

Kyo was sitting down on the couch looking at the door. He came in dropping a few of her bags on the floor in the process. “Careful!” She walked over to him grabbing her bags. Once in her hands she walked to her bedroom. Evil….. Ryu sighed looking at her walk into her room. He walked into the kitchen putting down his candy bags. He smiled grinning looking at the bags. “Chocolate!!” He hugged a bag getting out a few chocolate bars from it. “Yum!!” Kyo poked her head out of the door looking into the kitchen. “….Sugar rush here we come…..” She had never seen Ryu with tons of sugar in his system.

In the kitchen he was devouring the chocolate bars he had taken out. Wrappers where on the floor, he would be as hyper as ever once it got in his system. “Kyooooooooo.” He walked over to the door. She blinked shutting the door. “D-don’t come in.” He blinked. “Why not!?” She looked around quickly. “I’m…changing!!” She locked the door quickly grabbing something from the bags. Ryu knocked on the door. “But Kyo! My room is in there too.” She glared at the door. “So!?”

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