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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
The Broom
Time: 12:14 PM

Ryu walked close to Kyo. He looked around shivering. He hated this place. He was here for most of his life, till he went missing. A long two years almost three years now. He sighed. “Kyo where are we going?” She looked at him, walking down the same bright white hallways. “To a one of the lab rooms. We have to get some of your DNA.” He blinked. “W-what? Why?” He looked around now his hand gripping Kyo’s arm. She didn’t mind it, she knew what he was going thought at the time. This was all just a bad nightmare to him. Kyo walked to a door, pressing her hand to a panel off to the side of the door. “Since you escaped….we stopped using keycards.” He rubbed the back of his head. “Like that’s going to stop some of the others here….” He hung his head down as they walked into the room. The room just looked like a normal doctors office. Kyo sat down in a chair, Ryu sitting on the examining table.

A few moments later someone came in. “Hello…Ryu.” She looked at a clipboard as she walked into the room. She looked at him. “I understand you where in one of the original 15 rooms they made at the lab.” He nodded. Kyo blinked. “W-what?! Original 15 rooms!” He blinked rubbing the back of his head as he looked at Kyo. “Yeah. Room 1 to 15 are all classified for their own reason. No idea what mine was…..” He sighed. She looked at him. “I’m just going to take some blood form you ok?” He nodded. “Your going to feel a slight burn at first ok?” He nodded. “Yes Ma’am.” She took out the needle slowly bring it towards his arm. He tweaked out, memories flooding back to him. His crystal blue eyes flickered red. He smacked her hand away then jumped off the table running out the door.

Kyo blinked. “…..What’s his problem?” The lady blinked rubbing her hand. “I don’t know but whatever it is….he smacks hard.” Kyo shook her head. “I’ll go find him.” She hung her head going out the door.

It took a while, but she found him on top of a tall cabinet, In a storage room far away from the doctors room. She sighed. “Ryu come down her now!” She growled. His eyes where closed tight not listening to anyone. His memories of the horrible torture they called tests here at the lab. She sighed looking around seeing a broom. “Come on down!” She grabbed the broom walking back over to her pointing at him. “Come on Ryu don’t be like this!” She poked him with broom. He hissed at the broom whacking it out of her banks. The broom landing on the found with a loud clank! He glared down at her. “No.” He turned away from her again. “Leave me alone Kyo.” She shook her head. “Do I have to get Mrs. Nazuke?”

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