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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
Time: 5:30 PM

Ryu pounded at the door, Kyo inside standing on the inside blocking the door. “It’s my room too!!” She sighed. “Fine!” The door swung open the door hitting the wall. His tail was moving a mile a minute. She just looked at him blinking. He grinned as he ran into the room. By the time she let him in the room the sugar was setting in, giving him a sugar rush. “Kyoooooo!!” He ran towards her. She just used her arms to block her head as he ran towards her. Right before he hit her Ryu jumped in the air hugging Kyo. She blinked. “Gah!!” He nuzzled into her. “So warm…” She pried him off of her pushing him down onto the bed

He just sat there his tail still moving back and fourth. “Ryu….are you all right?” He blinked looking up at her. “Yeah.” He got up pushing her down onto the bed. She blinked. “W-what? Was that for?” He jumped down next to her the bed bouncing. “Don’t know, hyperness?” He looked at her. “Kyoooo!! Let’s go out and do something!” He whined. She blinked. “But we just got home from the wall.” He smiled. “I know!! Lets go out to eat!” He looked at the time. “Come on Kyooooo!” He jumped off the bed running off to the door. “B-but!” She sighed. “Great….”

Kyo’s head hung by the time she made it out the door, she had anther collar with her. She took off his old one and put on a spiked one. He blinked. “….?” She started walking with the leash. “Come on Ryu!” He had his hat on and tail tucked in, he didn’t see the point of putting the collar on. He run up to her. “Come on!” His voice echoed as they entered the stairwell. He started running. “H-hey!!” She ran after him still holding onto the leash tight. I don’t want to chock him! He ran all the way down to the lobby Kyo trailing behind him. “Ryu!!” She hissed jumping off the step she was on at him. He was on the bottom step when she did. “Kyaaaa…..” He squirmed under her. “Kyooooo get off of me….” He could just push her off but he didn’t want to hurt her. She got off of him. “No more running!” She hissed, then sitting down on the step. He looked at her smiling a bit. He got up walking pulling Kyo. “H-hey! That’s not fair!” She hit the floor her butt her cushion. He walked across the lobby Kyo being dragged still sitting on the floor. “Ryu!!” He blinked. “Yes Kyo?” She glared at him. “Stop dragging me!” He was about to reach for the door. “Well let’s go then!!” He opened the door as Kyo got up. “H-hey!!” She ran out towards him.

The people who worked in the lobby blinked. “……Weird kids…..” They shrugged laughing a bit. “Looks like he’s the dominate one in the relationship.” Outside he blinked then starting laughing hysterically. “What?! What’s so funny!!?” She flicked her forehead. “N-nothing.” He had heard what they said due to his hearing. “Now lets go.” He started walking down the street. “Ryu!! Slow down!!”

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