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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
Time: 11:30 PM

Kyo woke up to her alarm the next morning, it was annoying, Beep…beep….beep. She smacked it off her nightstand. The clock unplugged on the floor. She sighed walking over to the closet. “Ryu! Wake up!” She knocked on the door. “Come on please be awake!” She opened the door, an empty sleeping bag on the floor. She sighed looking around for him. “Hmmmmm.” She walked out into the living room a trail of blankets leading into the kitchen. She blinked walking to the door of the kitchen, looking in seeing Ryu on the floor curled up in the corner a ton of blankets over his body. She sighed. “Ryu!!” She yelled. He shook a bit. “Nhhhh….” A low growl could be heard. A hand stuck out from the top of the pile. She stood their watching him. “…..” His head popped the next second. “Kyoooo be quite.” He said softly. “No! I would like to be able to use my kitchen in the morning!” She glared at him. He slowly got out of the pile, his shirt was in his hand as he got up walking out of the kitchen. “Ryu! Go put some clothing on.” He glared at her. She’s starting to sound like a angry mother….. He walked back to his room, inside the closet he changed into some clothing. He walked out dressed in full black, streaks of color lined some parts of his clothing. Chains jingled as he walked out to the living room.

Something was cooking. He looked around, then walked to the kitchen. “Whatcha making?” He tilted his head to the side. “Just some breakfast….” He smiled. “It smells great!” She smiled. “Thanks.” Kyo sighed softly walking over to the microwave getting out some sausages. He poked her. “Can I have some Kyo?” She blinked. “Sure, I made enough for the both of us, just set the table.”

After breakfast she looked at the clock in the kitchen. “Hey! Ryu! We’re going to be late!!” He blinked. “Late? For that?!” She grabbed him from the kitchen running out the door. “You still haven’t to me what we are late for!” He said looking at her as they entered her car. She put the key in the ignition, putting it into gear driving out of the parking spot. She drove down the street. He looked at her. “Come on Kyo tell me!” Kyo glanced at him. “You’ll see.”

Kyo drove up to a tall building, parking into the garage. He blinked. This place looks….familiar…. She got out of the car locking it as he got out, slamming the door shut. “Come on Ryu.” She walked towards a sliding glass door. “W-what is this place Kyo?” She sighed. “Just come on.” He ran up behind her. “Tell me!” She glared at him. “Shush, no.”

Ryu sighed as they entered the building. He blinked looking around. “A…lobby? You wanted to take me to some corporate enterprise?” She sighed. “Welcome back Ryu.” He blinked. “W-what?! No….you didn’t…..did you…” He looked down at the ground his cat ears drooping down. “You brought me….back?”

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