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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
The Escape (( Side story ))
Ryu ran down a dark alleyway, the slashing of water under his feet, yelling could be heard in the distance, along with dogs barking. He ran out on to a street, bumping into someone. She screamed. “Hey!” He got up holding a hand out for her to get up. “S-sorry.” He said a bit softly. The dog barks got louder. She took his hand. “It’s all right, but watch where your going next time…what’s your rush?” He began to run forgetting that he still was holding onto her hand. “Hey! Let go!!” He stopped turning around to look at her. “Shush, they’ll hear you.” She glared at him. “What do you mean they?!” He sighed. “Your going to have to hide for now, they are going to be looking for you…..” He said it fast, then running off again.

The girl just blinked. “What a weird…kid.” She watched him run off. As the dogs got louder she didn’t notice, she was still thinking about him. There was a flash of light and she was down to the ground, out cold.

She woke up in a dark room chained to a wall by her arms. “Hello….?” She called out into the darkness. Her voice echoed off the stone walls. Then a door opened, light spilling into the room. Shouting could be heard. “Let go of me!!” A few people came into the room dragging a body. They pulled it up to the wall chaining the arms and legs to the wall. “H-hey! Let me out! I didn’t do anything wrong!!” They just looked at her, then shaking their heads leaving them alone in the darkness once more.

Ryu sighed looking over at her. “Don’t even try.” The door slammed, darkness filled the room. “You have a name?” She looked over at where the voice was coming from. “Yes…but why should I tell you? You’re the one who got me into this mess.” He sighed shaking his head. “Well we are now both stuck in this together, I’m just trying to get a conversation going.” She shook her head. “You make this sound normal!” She growled. Chains clanked softly like he was moving, a second later he was in fount of her. “Just wait.” He said softly. She glared at him. “You get me into this and you expect me to wait!?”

Ryu sighed, poking her. She blinked. “What was that….what did he poke me with?” He took out a key unlocking the locks, the chains coming loose, jingling as they hit the wall. She rubbed her wrist, slowly getting up. “So, what is your name anyways? I don’t want to just call you girl or something.” He said taking a step back from her. “It’s none of your business.” She extended her arm trying to find him. “N-nani?” She had her hand on his arm. She moved it up trying to find his head. He just blinked trying to figure out what she was trying to accomplish. She reached his face, soon slapping him. It sounded like someone slamming a heavy book shut. It echoed around the room. “What was that for?!” She glared at him. “For getting me into this!!” He sighed. “Well be thankful I didn’t just leave you locked up.”

Ryu walked towards the door expecting it to be locked. He jiggled the door knob, it was locked. “Great….they upped the security since the last time I was in here….” He said softly. She blinked. “Last…time? Why are you in here in the first place?” She tilted her head. “Well if you don’t tell me your name, I guess your never going to know.” He started to think how to get out of this horrid room. She sighed. “It’s….Kyo.” He blinked. “What?” She poked him. “It’s my name.” He shook his head. “My name is Ryu….guess this is a weird place to be taking about this…..but I’m in here because I’m mistake.” She blinked. “A….mistake?” He grabbed her arm pulling it up to his head. She blinked feeling something….soft…and furry. “W-what the?!” He let go of her hand. “I’m a cat….sorta.” He rubbed the back of his head. “Like I said, I’m a mistake.” Kyo blinked. “A…mistake?” He turned away from her. “Hmmm last time the door was unlocked…there must be anther way out of this room….” He walked out of the doorway walking around the room. He bumped into something. “Ow….” He blinked putting his hands down on the table before him. “…..What’s this?” He rubbed something on the table. “Hmmmm?” He picked it up feeling it. “A…key….” He sighed. “They must be really stupid.” He walked to the door trying to put the key in the lock. “Hmmmmm.” There was a click. “Looks like we are good.” Kyo blinked. “Who would think guards would be that….idiotic….” He opened the door looking out into the hallway. “Looks clear.”

As they walked out into the hall their footsteps echoed in the white hallways. They seemed endless. “How did you get out of here the first time?” She looked at him now seeing his tail and ears. “He’s a black cat….weird.” He looked at her. “I just did….” He sighed. “How did I get out?” He started walking. “We have a long way to go.” She hung her head. “Great.”

As they walked she looked around. Door after door after door, they pasted. “What’s with all the doors?” She looked at him, his tail swaying from side to side. He looked over his shoulder looking at her. “No idea. I’ve never bothered looking in them….” He rubbed the back of his head. “How do you know the way out?” He sighed. “There’s stairs….leading up towards the main floors of the building….” He sighed. “It should be somewhere near here.”

Kyo sighed looking around, she kept looking behind them as if some shadow was going to take them back to the room. “H-hey Ryu. How long have we been walking?” He blinked. “Not that long. It would be a lot faster if we ran.” She nodded starting to run. “Come on then!” Her voice echoed down the halls. He started to run after her. “Hey wait up!” He sprinted up to her. “Slow poke.” He laughed softly running past her. “So this is a contest now.” She ran after him. As they ran the end of the hall grew closer. At the end was their way out, a stairway going up into the main building.

When they found the stairs they started up it racing up like there was no tomorrow. He counted how many flights of stairs they went up. “56, 57, 58, 59……60!” There was a door there. “Please be the way out!” He opened the door a crack so he could see out. “I can see a window….looks like where are about ground level….I hope.” Kyo was lagging behind. “Ryu why isn’t there a elevator….?” He blinked. “I think there is a few….but its staff only.” She sighed. “Come on lets just get out of here.” He opened the door looking out to the lobby before them. “Looks like that’s our way out.” She smiled slowly walking towards the big glass doors. “Good.” He walked out behind her trying to hide his ears. It was easy to hide his tail, all he needed to do is put it in his belt loops. He stood up straight walking out towards the doors behind Kyo. Just then there was a alarm that went off. “W-what?” Kyo ran. “Come on Ryu!” She ran towards the doors making it out. He fallowed right behind her, at the last second the doors sealed tight just as he made it to the doors. “Great.” Kyo was on the outside. “Go!” He shouted. She nodded starting to run, she looked back at him a few times before leaving him behind. “Great….now what?” He looked around. “Is there anything I can break the windows with?” He spotted a fire extinguisher. He walked over to it grabbed it. “I hope this works….and doesn’t just come back in my face….” He walked up to the window smashing the glass with the fire extinguisher.

“Yes!” He jumped tough the hole in the glass running off. He knew this wouldn’t last long but he could dream….right?

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