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Journal of DOOM!

Spaztastic Cookies
Community Member
Hungry, Hungry Ryu!
Time: 2:03 PM

Ryu sat at a table Kyo across from him. The collar and leash was still on. He held onto the leash with his hand. He crossed his arms tired of walking around. All her bags where in her car. He looked at her yawning a bit. “Can we get something to eat?” He tilted his head to the side. She laughed. “Sure, what do you want?” He grinned. “Candy!!” He shot up. He let go of the leash running off down the walkway then shooting into a shot off to the side. Kyo blinked. “……” She got up slowly walking to the candy shop. She poked her head in seeing Ryu staring at a chocolate section. She sighed shaking her head walking in, she walked over to him grabbing the leash. “I thought you meant real food!” He blinked being caught off guard. He clung to a pole. “Nooooo, I don’t want to go!” She sighed. “Fine, get what you want….but when you get cavities don’t come to me!” She walked out of the shop. He grinned running around the shop grabbing the candies, one by one. He was happy of course he was going to get hyper!

When he got done he walked up the cash register putting a basket full of candy on the counter. “Hello!” He smiled happily. The person behind the counter stared at him. “T-that a lot of candy!” He grinned. “Yup!” The cashier started to take things out and put them into bags. It totaled about $40. He took out his wallet paying for his candy then grabbing the bags heading out of the shop. Kyo was sitting down on a bench waiting for him. He grinned taking out a piece of bubble gum from his bag. He chewed it real quick then blowing a bubble right behind her. He used his hand popping it, it sounded like a fire cracker went off, the worst part was it went off and echoed down the mall.

Kyo jumped. “Ryu!!” She glared at him holding her chest. “Don’t scare me like that, your going to make me think your going to get kidnapped or something.” She stood up blinking looking at all his bags. “…..You bought…that much candy….” She shook her head. “I’m going to die from this…right?” He nodded. “Sugar rushes!” He grinned walking off. “I’m going to go put this in the car, give me your keys.” She blinked taking out her keys from her bag tossing it at him. He caught it with the bags then walking off. “Meet me at the arcade!” He said walking off to the parking lot.

Kyo walked to the arcade playing a few games waiting for Ryu. She played a crane game putting in some money then playing. “Come on, come on!” She was trying to get something that looked like a pig. It was shaped like a box. The crane grabbed it slowly picking it up. It got over a few inches before dropping it. She sighed putting her head to the glass. “You want one of those?” Someone said. She turned around seeing Ryu. He smiled pushing her out of the way gently. He put in some money then the game came to life. He played the crane picking up the pig, then lifting up slowly going to the hole. It made it dropping in to the hole. He leaned down pressing a slot grabbing the soft pig.

Kyo watched him in amazement, when he got the pig out he tossed it at her. She caught it hugging it tightly. “Thank you!!” She hugged him. He smelled like the deodorant he used. She poked his shirt. “You smell weird.” She walked off to find something else to do. He blinked. “….”

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